Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Quite Possibly THE biggest dork :D

I love my new bamboo pen tablet. And my new eensy computer. And my nifty gps (Named Winifred..She's Bridget's long-lost cousin ;p), and all the cute clothes and the nifty purse and the cool (like, seriously) calendar thing. Awesome Christmas. For realsies.

With my new Tablet and my eensy computer, I have been making ARTS!
So, I will share!
And if you have a Deviant Art, click this link and follow me, or at least leave me comments XD
Here's a rough sketch of Bou (the finished is through that link I mentioned earlier. XD

So...yeah :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last post: June 1, 2009

Like, pure...'wow.'
A little over six months ago, I posted on this poor, neglected blog...

A little over six months ago, I still had an inkling of a life (haha).
And a little under six months ago, I experienced the absolute best summer of my life at Perry-Mansfield. I was surrounded by so much creativity--so much talent--I remembered why I wanted to be an actress in the first place. No kiddin'

So, what's up?
Hmm, so where to begin?
Senior year~That sounds about right.
Senior year started a day before my birthday, and it was busy from the get-go.
I was thrown head-first into the tech-world of theatre; I joined the school's Light Brigade (Advanced Lighting-we design, hang, strike and basically control all aspects of light in pretty much every show that is put up within our school building's walls....that's over 35 performances-not including the senior-run productions). I also discovered I was out-of-shape thanks to a birthday-whoopin' in African Dance. (But I got my mojo back, no worries!)
I also did an out-of-school production of Calamity Jane at Rockwall Community Playhouse-that was a fun adventure...I got my first Choreographer credit!!
I also have an internship at the Dallas Theatre Center through our audition-only class "Advanced Acting" taught by Lisa Holland and Kevin Moriarity (
And, to top it off, I've joined the Mock Trial team (again, I know ;p) and have thus given up all chances of having a life for my lovely senior year.

How do I do it all? (Lol, I'm not that self-centered)
Let's see, I'll outline a daily schedule (if my description didn't get you a-quakin' in your boots)
Monday: Arrive at school around 7:45 to begin Senior Direct (10 minute plays) with the lovely Elizabeth. I'm performing as "Jordan" in Lakyn Carlton's Addict. School from 8:55-4:10. 4:30-6:30 is African Dance Ensemble. After 6:30, it's either an hour-drive home, or off to my internship at DTC.
Tuesday: Rinse and repeat, skipping the final two steps. Add a healthy dose of Mock Trial meeting until 6:30, follow with intern hours or home. Optional: Tuesday-morning Production Meeting regarding Utopia (will explain later)
Wednesday: Substitute "Senior Direct" with "Mock Trial" early morning, repeat. Replace after-school Mock Trial with African Dance, finish per usual.
Thursday: Follow Tuesday's schedule, "optional" is not available.
Friday: Repeat Wednesday morning to afternoon schedule. After-school is replaced with home or intern hours.
Saturday: 2-6/10-3/whatever-Mock Trial
Sunday: FREEDOM?!?! (A. No.)

Where does homework fit in all of this?
Who knows XD

What's coming up:
Utopia is the school's Mime production for the spring. The reason I'm attending production meetings is because (drum roll please!) I am the light designer!
I know, all of you are thinking "Woo...mimes?" But this is a serious leap in difficulty. Cues are based off of motions and entrance/exits, rather than lines. Also, there's no 'script' for me to write the cues in...I literally watch and go..."Hmm, this should change? Okay....*figures out* BAM!" Also, for a person who is currently taking her first Beginning Lights and Sound class (along side her Advanced Lighting class-a happy mistake), this is a pretty big leap. Usually it takes a year (or at least a full semester) before students are designing shows. Yay! (Totally selfish sounding...but, give me a break!)
Addict is a ten-minute play written by fellow senior, Lakyn Carlton, and directed by Elizabeth Berkman (also a senior).
Rehearsals are bound only to morning rehearsals (which is craaazy!), but luckily we got the show with three characters (not to mention it's really naturalistic and well- written..Thanks Lakyn!), so we may all need to be together for every rehearsal, but we also have less people to coordinate with :D Sadly, this is the last week of rehearsals as we are opening Thursday (5 o'clock, Friday at 7). BUT that also means I will be able to sleep in until about 7:15 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays!
Mock Trial
Mock trial is just now slipping into high gear, since the competition is looming SO CLOSE (we can almost taste it). This year's case is a little goofy, and very unbalanced...but I have faith in our team! (Once we get around stupid drama, we'll be even better!) Huzzah!
Sadly, Mock Trial has been dictating three of my week-days and one of the weekend-days. And once we get to winter break (Next Friday) we'll be having a BUNCH of rehearsals during weekdays which means...bye bye break!
School is getting randomly difficult (what happened to cruising through Senior year?!)
With Psychology AP, Economics AP, English IV AP, and French II I honestly don't get a day devoid of some type of homework. Be it an outline of a chapter, new flash-cards, a packet, vocabulary, ORB's, essays and research....NO TIEM FOR MES ><
Happily, I can say that all I need to do to finish my applications is to send in my Transcripts (and a couple of teacher recommendations), and I'm pretty much done applying. I've auditioned for a few that I'm interested in,and the remaining few will be finished during Chicago Unifieds (catch me there, yo!) Glad to say I've finished coughing up
upwards of $200 in application fees and audition scheduling fees. (Not including $300 on plane tickets--HIGHWAY ROBBERY, GUYS--and the $40 [after roomie-split] for hotel). blughubluglubhlughubuhug....><

So what will you do now?
Survive, I guess?
Haha, don't get me wrong.
I LOVE being busy. Absolutely Love lOve loVe lovE LOVE being busy. I mean, shoot. How many of these things did I volunteer myself for? (A. Almost all of them). My only complaint?
While everyone else is getting swine-flu, my body is going 300 miles a minute to keep me afloat. While that keeps me out of the doctor's office, that does keep me underslept and running on Empty a majority of the time. Not to mention the HORRID crash I experience on those few days of freedom (i.e. sleep). For example, I missed school this morning because my body quit on me once it heard that my Production Meeting and Senior-Direct rehearsals were canceled the night before. I woke up with an ache-y tummy, a headache and a serious case of sleep-deprived-blues.

Who do I love?
Mr. Gavitt for teaching me all the stuff I needed to know about light programming and hanging in the first two weeks of school.
Rena for being an awesome partner.
Toni for being a great mentor.
Elizabeth for being so patient with my idiotic schedule.
DTC for allowing me to have flexible hours.
My scene-partners for working with my schedule also.
All of my lunch buddies for letting me vent my frustrations to you.
Sara for being there ALWAYS.
Mia for being my sista' from another mista'.
Showcase for teaching me the absolute necessity of time management.
EVERYONE for being so positive and pushing/encouraging me to NOT die in the early months of senior year.

At least for Arts Kids, whoever said Senior Year was a breeze was lying to you.
Manage time now. Be involved now. Listen to your 'elders,' since we're the ones going through it RIGHT. NOW. It'll pay off in the end.
Also, if you're considering Unifieds next year, put your money aside now...every extra dollar or bit of loose change will definitely help you, since undoubtedly the prices will rise (since they have been every day) and once you find a good deal TOTALLY GO FOR IT. It will raise. I swears to you!!! O>O;

I hope that caught you up!

So, recap:
I'm way too busy for my own good.
It's almost all voluntary (silly me).
I definitely want to do this for a living.
I love my friends :3


Tsuki Smith

(ps. I need to update my profile photo. I definitely have long, brown-red hair ;3)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A day with Jillian.

"How do you spell Spencer?"
Spell it out.






No, there's an N.

No, there's an N!



No, you had the ending right at first.

No, you had the ending RIGHT at first.

No, you need an E before the R.



What makes the "ER" sound?


But what comes before the R?


No....what came before the R the first time you wrote it?


Yeah. E-R. ER.

"Okay, so it's Specern?"



--Thus is the life of babysitting a child who refused to read until this year, because she had to for school.


Of course, this week hasn't been totally horrible.
I mean, we've had fun.
She just got me in a horrible mood this morning because she woke me up after a nightmare...toooo eaarrrlllyyy


Monday: Made finger puppets, lots of activities, 1.5 hours of "school" :O
Tuesday: Made a sun, which is currently on the fridge, more "school"
Wednesday: Made a fan, more encouragement to play by herself
Today: We're going to make bunny ears, and play on the excersize machine and....hopefully more solitary activities for herrrr.
Tomorrow: NO IDEA. DEATH?

Monday, June 8, 2009

I have this uncontrollable craving

For some good, steamed, sticky white rice.
So bad.
Or some Onigiri.
I've never craved something that I've considered so bland before
I think it's some sort of sign...
but what nutritional value is rice?
(Did you know: You crave what your body requires? Only when you are craving junk food are you going through something hormonal, and it is not healthy to act on that! Ex. Craving chicken might mean a lack of protein in your body!)
I guess that means I'm missing one of these things in my current diet:
Potassium, Vitamin(s) B, Thiamin or Niacin.
My guess: Potassium :O


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Isn't it a fun feeling

When you realize that you and your best friend of nearly four years are drifting apart?
No, it doesn't hurt as much as the day you realized your best friend of 8 years has moved on.
Nor does it hurt as much as the realization that you aren't as cracked up as you thought you were.
No. But it still hurts.
A lot.
I love that she's having fun.
And I love that she has friends other than me...but as the days dwindle by, I've discovered that my 'friendship-circle' can I put I've got her...and the people I know through her. And then the few that I know outside of her--the Entertainers and con-kids.
But I haven't gotten the satisfaction of friendship out of most of those kids. I love them, yes. But we will never stay up until 3 am, eating ramen and playing the world's longest game of Mario Carnival (god, 50 rounds was wayyy too long).
I miss that.
I miss us.
And when I see that you've been out having fun with the people I thought of as friends, too...when I wasn't invited...when I'm being "pushed out," as one slightly psycho child said last year ;)
Yeah, it hurts.
I s'pose I'll have to stand on my own two feet now.
I'll make some more friends.
But I don't think I can share the bond we've forged with anyone else...not for a while.
Not until I have another identity crisis at 30 (Teehee)
I mean, honestly? You're what got me through Freshman year.
And most of Sophomore year.
I guess this year was us establishing that we are both independant women.
I'll try to stay here....I'll wait here....
Just don't let what happened to you and your not-best-friend-anymore of 7 years happen to us, okay? (I don't think either of us are psycho enough to do that anymore)

I luff you with two x's, even if I don't get to see you as often.
I luff everyone in the "chill group" even if I'm not invited to the more recent chills.
Even if I've been forgotten within the group.
It's okay.
I'll move on.
I just want you to know that I luff you.
And I miss you guys.

Well, that was an emo-esque post if I ever saw one.
I gotta get back to being a happy kid...doing my psych homework (;>.>)
Ja mattane....(sp?)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Makeup tutorial tiem!
This tutorial is to achieve "Anime eyes" or "Doe eyes"
The whole point is to open up the eyes and make them seem more wider-set to achieve the "Doe Eyed" look :)

First, your materials. (Not pictured, Mascara)

You'll want to start with a clean face! No make-up on at all. Pull hair back to avoid scragglies falling into your eyes! (excuse the doofy hat, I couldn't find a headband and my hair won't pull back because it's too short)

Start with base :) (I use both powder AND base, but it is up to you)
Here is my powder. This creates the "airbrush" effect.

I use a large brush to cover more while using less. (I look really bad here)

Next, eyeliner. I use MAC products, but you can use whatever you prefer.

Start somewhere in the middle and work your way out. Then come back in to the corner of your eye and go over the line you've already made. Extend the line out past your eyes to make a cat-eye look. This makes your eyes seem wider-set.

My eye finished, open.

What the line ought to look like when your eye is closed.
Here are both of my eyes done-eye liner only.

Using white eye-liner, line the inside of the bottom of your eye...the 'water line'
This is safe, so long as your eyeliner is clean.

Finished with step two :)

Here is a close-up. The use of white liner here creates a wide-eyed look. You're almost done!

Now, using a white eye-shadow, dab in the inside corners of your eyes.
More "widening" is created using this technique.

Next, using an angled brush (a regular brush would not work) and some dark shadow...
Line UNDER your lash-line. This will make the white you used to line your eyes more definitive, and from a little distance, your 'wide-eyed' look is much more natural.

If you're like me, and you weren't blessed with a natural almond-look, you can create the illusion by using the dark shadow and the angle brush on the corner of your eye, extending it a LITTLE towards your nose. This is more of a shaping thing than anything else. It's also optional. I've always done this, because I like the resulting shape. This may not work for everyone else.

Here's a close-up of the shadow under the line. See how it is defined? (Left: before extension, Right: after extension)

Next, the un-mentioned mascara! Your lashes will likely be standing out like sore thumbs, so this will blend them into the liner you've created. :)

Now, I'm as pale as a ghost, so I like to use a little bit of blush to create a effect. Otherwise, I look like Sunako* with light hair!

Finally, using a q-tip and your liquid base, fix any mistakes you may have made.
Smudges you can't get or areas you see un-covered. Like my urgly pimples :(

Finished product! Wide-eyed and ready to go!
(I used a little bit of red lipstick and some powder to give my lips some color, but not too much)


*Sunako is a character from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge by Hayakawa Tomoko. This manga is also known as "Perfect Girl Evolution," "My Fair Lady," and most popularly, "The Wallflower"
I am referring to the main character, Sunako Nakahara, who is notorious for being pale and "ghost-like"

I've been flooding my wall

On facebook with utterly nonsensical prattle to anyone who is not here with me now.
I'm reading a manga that I found a year or so ago (I can't afford to buy the manga often and I discovered it is online!) called Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Otherwise known as Wallflower or Perfect Girl Evolution). The translater changed out around volume 8, and this new translator makes lots of little notes on the side including translation for the sfx (the little words that are not part of diologue but are, instead an action-sound). I've discovered that I can read a good deal of the sfx without help, but the ones that I don't recognize I look at the side-note, and then figure out what each symbol stands for by double-checking in my NJStar Japanese Word Processor. (i.e. Hiya-- was double-checked because I did not remember what the symbol for "hi" looked like the symbol for pi, so I tested that out, and then I typed in 'bi' and 'hi' to figure out which one it was, as they share the base symbol). Anyway, I've been getting confused on a few including (but not limited to) the not-translated ya u n was how it was written out--big spaces between the letters--, moya meaning "don't look" and what have you.
I'm sort of proud of my sudden ability to actually recognize the hiragana and only having to 'test' my knowledge on what the characters are every few sfx's.
I'm not sure if this was a bragging post or an apologetic post, so I'll make it both.
I'm sorry that I've flooded your walls with my prattle ;)
I'm proud that I can read a little!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm trying something new :)

Don't stop following this, just add that site to your bookmarks XD


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You ought to go

and check this out.

When you get the site, enter the 4-letter captcha thing and click "DOWNLOAD"
to hear my-and-Dalia's poem about a hard time in her life.
This was for a project for Comp, which I'm not a part of.
I did, however write most of it and read/record/mix it.
The background music is from Everything Is Illuminated

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In light of recent events

My school district is undergoing some serious budget cuts and is about to make one of the worst mistakes they could possibly make.

I typed this in response to a comment on an article about the magnet schools being gutted (and reduced--that's a bit harsh of a word--to being a regular public school). The article suggested that we were to cut down faculty to an ungodly low number (absolutely impossible to achieve) and many of the responses were, to say the least, a bit brutal. Many attacked the new principal (who, in all my years as a student, has been the most involved, caring, and dedicated principal I've ever met), attacked the new cluster head (which was a bunch of baloney) for Theatre, and even the students. Many generalized to the point of excessive simplicity, stating we were all "pampered," "middle class" and "straight out of Plano and Highland Park" suggesting we all have money to burn, and thus are being treated much too well compared to other schools. Though I could get into a tangent about how these statements are so far from true it hurts, I thought I'd share my comment posted on the blog.
(This opening is a response to a commenter who felt that out-of-district kids were 'taking DISD's money' and that their attending on a tuition-free basis was unfair to in-district students)

"As an out-of-district student, I do not feel it is unfair to in-district students for us to attend a school where we can have access to the highest education available. On average, the out-of-district student is rejected in favor of an in-district student. (example: I was placed on the waiting list for BTW the summer before my freshman year to make way for in-district kids.)
Please do not assume that schools like BTW deny out-of-district kids to get more fact the state money for the student is sent to their home school no matter how you view it, so how is BTW gaining anything from either 'type' of student?

I also regret that so many people are misinformed of BTW's faculty quality (which surpasses supreme) and the absolute blessing the new principal has been. It's a shame that many do not view arts as a career-oriented school but as an ego-blower (which, I daresay it is not). The environment of the school does nothing but motivate students to do their best and achieve their dreams. I, for one, will be (willingly) balancing 6AP courses with my cluster classes (which are both intillectually stimulating and character building, as well as educational) my SENIOR year! How often do you find a motivated senior at ANY high school (be it Magnet or Otherwise) thanks to the nurturing environment provided at their school?

Perhaps it takes 4 years of "not fitting in" and 5 years of teasing and being pelted by pizza to fully appreciate the community BTW and the growing Arts district have built. I, for one, have never felt so motivated, encouraged and accepted as I have in my 3 years of attending BTW."

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm suddenly very upset with myself

And I'm not particularly sure why.

That's all I had to say, honestly.

I must have missed a memo

I'm a junior in high school.
I ought to be past this whole "holy crap what do boys think of me?" phase, don't you think?
I mean, it never mattered much to me until...
Until prom.
Until April.
Until Now.

I was one of those kids that dated steadily. I didn't do casual dates, and I often looked down on someone who changed boyfriends like they changed their underwear. I would have these serious, possibly-going-somewhere-after-school relationships that lasted for years at a time. And then BAM.
I meet Zark.
Things get messy.
I date (sort of) Zark.
And things get messy.
And we split.
And all of a sudden I care.
I care what Chaz and John and Ben and Davis and Freddy and all those other boys in my grade think.
Not because I'm crushing on them, no, but because something in me clicked and said "Oh. Hey. I forgot. You're supposed to want to impress the other sex."
Now I want to dress up and wear nice makeup to get a compliment from a guy. I want to gossip about boys (which is decently unheard of. I gossip about ...well, nothing. I'm pretty out of the loop, so I never had much to say. But all of a sudden I'm sitting in a gaggle of girls saying "Oh my goodness. Did you see his shirt? He's so cute when he makes that face! EEK!") I need to ...I want to come to prom and have the boys stare....
I'm becoming what the freshman and sophomores are. I'm degenerating or something.
I digress.
Actually, no. I don't digress.
I never had a point to this blog.
I just...I'm just...I feel so...I'm confused about this sudden self-interest.
Hell, what happened to me wanting to be one of the guys?
Maybe it'll pass once Prom is over.
Or maybe he'll notice that I do, indeed like him and I want to do something.
Or maybe I'll just date casually.
I'm tired of long-winded relationships.
Where was I getting with this?
Guh, I need to start giving myself an outline.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

To err is human

To knit is divine.

I've rediscovered my old knitting things, in spirit of Lucky Stiff.
I have learned that I still suck, and that it is still relaxing.
I think I'll take it up again.
Any thoughts?



Saturday, April 18, 2009

My store

Go buy things?

I'm trying to raise money to attend Perry Mansfield School for the Six-Weeks Intensive
I'm a little less than halfway to my goal.
I've got to raise another $2,000, so my fight to get there!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

As most of you know..

(Miyavi at the hotel in Houston, taken on April 11th by his people, posted on his myspace today)
I saw Miyavi yesterday.
I cannot seem to adequately express how amazing he was live. So, I'm going to recap my day--April 11, 2009...actually, I start from the time we got to Houston.

After checking in Yaya and I whipped out our blank white t-shirts and sharpies and began thinking of what we were going to write on them. She showered and I decided to write his name (kanji), the date (kanji and numbers), one of his tattoos (on his right arm, both in Japanese and English) along with various songs and albums that have influenced me over the years. On the back I wrote some of the lyrics to the song that originally turned me to Miyavi (Jibun Kakumei). She couldn't decide what to do, so I ended up just doing a sort of matching-but-mixed version of my shirt on hers (seperate colors, different albums, etc). Went to bed at 3 AM. I was...DEAD. XD

Next morning: Woke at 9..ish. Dressed, Ate, and registered by 10. Wandered around the con with Yaya for hour at most, and noticed a line of Miyavi-Shirt-Sporting people around the Main Event area and thought, "Well, if there's 30 people here NOW, we may as well sit so we can get a good spot," and joined them. Less than half an hour later we were moved outside, and then moved again inside...and then told to disperse. Being the smart conners we are, we all sort of...hovered. XD We got moved various times when other fans spotted our clusters and the groups got too huge. Around noon or 1, Miyavi began sound-checking. We could hear him. It was ...pretty exciting, actually. Everyone got an extra dose of being pumpage. Again, the group got big and we were in the way of some autograph session, so we moved. By now Miyavi's 'people' were waltzing in and out of the main event on a regular basis, so the few that remained hovering got to see little glances of Miyavi before the show--talking, directing, singing, walking around in a slightly confused know, the works. Every time we saw him, we got a little more excited. (Now, remember. We got here at 10, began waiting at 11. It's now...3 o'clockish). Now the Miyavi fans begin to get organized. We were frustrated with constantly being moved around, and wanted to preserve the 'better places' for those of us who had been waiting since 11, so we began numbering and 'symboling.' The symbols were for superpassers (hearts first, dots second, etc) and the nubers were for general admission. This was the doing of the conners, not the con staff. Everyone, for the most part, respected it. It was nice. We got a little bit of time to ourselves, so Yaya bought two mangas (Fruits basket for me and Love-Com for her) and a shirt/poster, and I got a shirt/poster as well.
Around 5 the line was officially started. Yaya and I got jostled around and ended up around the 50-person mark, which wasn't too bad. We heard rumors that not everyone in line could make it into the event, seeing as the room was so small. We were glad we were smart enough to head out early. Again, we would see glances of him, his guitarists, his bassist (who's birthday is today) and his dj and various points of time. At one point the guitarist and dj went the wrong way to the restroom and ended up being surprised by the huge crowd awaiting Miyavi. The concert was being pushed back. The soundboard was fritzing and the lighting was being a pain, apparently. Originally, the doors would have opened at 7, but two hours went by before the line began crawling. It seems as though most of the MYV fans had forgotten there was a gamer challenge scheduled before Miyavi, and many were taken aback when we began the challenge before Miyavi came out. It was pretty fun--the first game bored me, and the second game didn't get exciting until the "Legendary Otaku" stepped up to the plate. He a word, adorable.
FINALLY. The time came for Miyavi to come out. "What's my name?...Eh? What's my name? I Can' hear you! I SAID I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
Of course, he's a ham, so he pumped us up by striking poses, speaking to us and being an all-around goof. "It's fuckin' chilly here in Texas...but it's hot in here, ne?!" His English has gotten MUCH MUCH better. He sang MANY old songs including Girls, Be Ambitious and Osan Osan Ore Nanbo, both of which are on his earliest albums put out as a single artist. He stopped the concert for a few minutes to talk to us about many of the bigger moves he's made lately-including his starting of J-Glam Inc ("J-Glam stands for Japanese Glam Rock...which is visual kei"), his new wife (Melody) and his expecting of a child. He dedicated a ballad-esque version of Kimi Ni Negai Wo and Ku Ku Ru to his unborn child, which was beyond moving. He was actually almost crying by the time he ended his speech before singing. It was...very sad, but very sweet. To cheer us up, he looked out to us and said (very sweetly) "Let me see you smile" and then, after observing the audience, he got the biggest grin on his face. Then someone yelled "I LOVE YOU MIYAVI" during the semi-silence, so he could really hear it, and he seemed a little taken aback and looked out and said "I love you too."
At one point in the concert, Miyavi decided to do a little fanservice (no, not kissing) and jump over to MY side of the concert and jump up on the table (in front of me, no less!) and sing there for a few mintues. I touched him. Twice. It was...well, anyone who's ever touched their musical idol before understands the feeling I experienced.
You could tell Miyavi was nervouce at the beginning of the conert. He was stiff, and was pushing himself a little harder than he probably ought to have (he ended up half-stripping because he over-heated and his voice cracked once). But by the middle of the concert, he had completely loosened up and became really, really fun. He played around with the audience and became very human. He actually dropped his least four times. Once when he pulled the jumpingtomyside thing (which was awesome), once while spinning around in order to pull attention to his guitarist's side of the stage, once while trying to start a song (which was hillarious. He looked at it, blushed a little and then began clapping while making this really cute "Ho'shit I just messed up" face), once while trying to move to our side of the stage (the cord was wrapped around the stand, which got him hung up) and another time while he was gesturing out into a sort of cross (it like, flew out of his hand XD). I'm sure his manager guy was out of breath by the end of it...chasing the mic around the entire stage. He constantly thanked us and told us he loved us, which was nice. And it wasn't a hollow "I LOVE YOU." It seemed very heartfelt--he really cares for his fans, which is really quite nice.
During the second half of the performance he had changed outfits (into this cute white long-sleeve shirt layered over his band shirt that was being sold outside), and became even more personable. One of the funniest parts of the concert (spare the "Imessedup" face bit) was when he realized that the camera had closed in on his chest as he was talking about his shirt "Look! It's my name. I wrote it myself...haha!") and he began thrusting his chest out (mimicing a heartbeat..the kind you'd see on a lovestruck cartoon) and then doing something equivilent to Mime Troupe's chest isolation excersize. He had this really goofy, excited smile on his face while he did it--he was really having a load of fun. And he continued to pull down his shirt as though it was too small (probably) which made watching him an even more adorable experience.
During the last two songs (Be as you are(/were?) and What a wonderful world and Girls, Be Ambitious) Miyavi was ALL OVER THE STAGE! (And off too, actually. He ran around to our side again and I got to high-five him as he ran by, which owwwwnnnsss.) He was jumping up and down, having us jump with him. He was headbanging and appointing times for us to headbang too, when he saw we weren't joining him. He was laughing and goofing around. It was....awesome.
I was so happy by the end of the performance, I honestly couldn't contain myself. When he walked off, everyone was like "NOOO!" and seemed to have not noticed his turning around and saying "Baibai," as I was the only one (as far as I heard) to return his g'bye. He waved at meeeeeeeeee


Less than five minutes later my back gave out, my knee suddenly had sharp, throbbing pains (Yes, I know. Those contradict, but that's how it felt) and I had that stone-bruised feeling on the bottom of my feet. I began shaking due to lack of nutrition since 1pm (He didn't start until 10, and didn't end until midnight) and was, well, ready to go home.
Inspired, I bought the shirt he was flaunting during the concert (Yeah, yeah. It was total product placement, but it was so adorable, and I had wanted one earlier when I had bought the tanktop).
And promptly left for the hotel (I was beyond dead. As was Mom. So was Yaya, XD)
I had a load of fun.
I honestly would do it again. Everything the same.
I got an amazing spot--right up front where I could see/touch/benear him.
I had an awesome friend with me to experience the whole thing.
I saw my musical idol of around 4 years.
I'm a pretty happy child, to say the least.

To those who attend school with me--I'll be wearing my Miyavi concert shirts on Monday, Wednesday and you'll know what the shirts looked like (including my home-made one on Wednesday). I had a load of fun, and ask me about the concert if you want to know any more :D

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh, and

Have a fantastic Saturday.
Set aside half an hour for yourself and do something you love every Saturday and you will become a happier, truer you. Be it reading or coding, horse riding or watching Flight of the Conchords re-runs, do what makes YOU happy.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello all

Short update.

My Dad and Linda were going to seperate. Apparently they've settled their differences.
My grandmother died last Tuesday and I attended the funeral yesterday.
Yes, I'm fine. No, I'm not exactly the happiest person on the planet.

I've got a show in 6 days, and another (bigger) show in 2 weeks.
I'm psyched for both, and I think they'll serve as good distractions from some of the BS life has thrown at me lately.

If you know me personally, and want to attend either shows, let me know and we'll get in touch.
Iyou live in the Metroplex area and have a student attending BTW and would like to attend, let me know and I'll give you the details as well.
Otherwise, you'll be hearing from me as to the progression of Lucky Stiff (the bigger show).

Sorry to be so buisness-like in this letter. That seems to be the only way for me not to sound like a driveling fool right about now.

I'll type latah.

Me, sans brushing

New color, no available brush, car ride.

There was a photo here, but there is no more O.O;


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just a little blurb

About the Apps I have on my iPhone :D
I'm not going to include the ones that -come- with the Phone such as notes, stocks, SMS, etc

Here's what I've got (and a blurb on what it does)
SMBC ( It's more of a bookmark than an app
Explosm ( Same
QC ( Same
Apple Geeks ( Saaame
Wasted Talent (
Myspace (An actual app! Easier to navigate than the mobile website)
Facebook (Nice app. I dislike how I can't check group updates, photos etc)
Twitteriffic (TWITTER. It's good. Go follow me:
BeamMe (I can send my 'card' to anyone)
Sextuple Word Lite (Word scramble game. Timed, and my favorite app to boot)
Fingerific (A 3-finger challenge that tests reflexes)
Sally's Salon (Very fun game, like Diner Dash but hair instead of food)
Mancala (Self explanitory)
BubbleWrap (Timed popping of bubblewrap. My friends like to team up and beat my score)
iSoda (One of two paid apps on here. Amusing sight trick)
Bubbles (Silly. End of story)
FreePiano (Tiny piano that helps me find pitches when I'm not near a piano and am reading music)
Metronome (Self explanitory)
Sol Free (Solitare. More than 3 types of solitare to play)
HJ Lite (Japanese-learning ebook-thing. Easy to use, and I'm relearning Hiragana as we speak)
Phozi (Photobooth-like app. I can put stamps and frames etc)
Shotgun Free (Uses accelorametor to load and shoot a gun with silly sound fx)
iBonzai (Grow bonzais with nice music. Very zen)
iZen Lite (One of those rock gardens)
Sound Box (A remote-looking app that works as a soundfx machine)
Wallpapers (By the folks who do the stuff for Gelaskins. Very awesome)
Shazam (Tags songs)
HearTest (App that tests your hearing capabilities. Pretty awesome)
Pandora (Self explanitory)
Photo Daily (Photo editor)
GraphCalc (Graphing calculator. Useful for Precal homework ;) )
QuickVoice (Voice memo deal-y)
RDP (Remote Desktop thing)
Tap Tap (Like DDR for your fingers)
Cube Runner (Minimal graphics--dodge-the-boxes game)
Hanoi (That game where you move 3 rings to the other side of the screen, without putting bigger rings on top of smaller ones)
IFound (Adds my name and a secondary number should I lose my phone)
Wallpaper Labeler (Another thing that does what IFound does)
iJiggles (Sort of like wobble, but free)
AIM (self explanitory)
Zippo Lighter (uses accelorametor to strike, light and 'burn' things with the zippo)
Take me to my car (What it says)
B.Button (Benjamin Button ebook)
Grimm Tales (Collection of Grimm stories)
Romance (Collection of Classic Romance novels)
Classics (....)
TheSecret (The Secret Garden ebook)
WikiTap (Wikipedia/dictionary/other web sources thing)
reMoveem free (Blocks-like game)
MatchFree (Matching game)
DressChica (For my stepsister, it's a dress up game)
SeeChange (Nifty, but useless see-the-difference game)
PopPopPop (Pop a bubble, then pop the smaller ones from it, then the smaller ones, etc until they're gone)
B. Touch Lite (haven't played it yet. I suspect it's another blocks game)

:D That's it!

If you have an iPhone, suggest some of your favorites or discuss one of the ones I've posted!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I want to

Crawl into a hole and dissappear for a while.
I feel betrayed by my (now) twice-broken family. I wonder what Jillian will make of this? I doubt she can comprehend the magnamity of the events unfurling around her.
The curious thing? I'm hurting more over the possability of losing Jillian than I an over the split in general.
I s'pose I saw it coming, so I'm just upset as opposed to surprised.
Either way, I want to fade away for a while-become an opaque figure for whatever remains of this week.
Perhaps friends will force my spirits to remain high....perhaps he'll see me? Perhaps I'll become a 2-day hermit? Who knows...


Saturday, March 7, 2009

I wish I got my freewriting back...

It was
I'm sure Mrs. Arnolds will take off points because of the serious informality of it.
Ah well.

Haha, I can just see her face.
"Dead baby jokes?!"


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Movie Review: Ameture Hour. [The Changeling]

I just finished watching an amazing piece of cinematography: Changeling.
To Angelina Jolie haters, this film ought to change your mind about her acting skills. The character she portrayed (Christine Collins) was a refreshing change from her usual portrayal of the usual sex-goddes-with-a-machine gun.
In all honesty, I did not recognize Jolie as Jolie until about 2/3rds of the way into the film (due to her infamous lucious lips, no less) as I was so engrossed in her character. Not to be overshadowed, of course, was Jason Butler Harner, who portrayed the "horrible, horrible, wonderful person," Gordon Northcott. His portrayal (okay, I need a thesaurus. What's another word for portrayal? O.O;) of the 'slightly crazed' serial killer of 1928 (Killing around 20 boys, total. Oh yeah, I forgot. The entire film is based on true events. So, yes, there was a crazy pedophile killing/molesting boys who almost got away with it in 1928.) was so disturbingly well done, that I got chills from the moment his character appeared on the screen. He was able to succesfully find the middle-ground between Charles Manson and your run-of-the-mill pedophile. I literally grimaced each and every time he appeared, from fixing the car to his desperate singing of "Silent Night."
Eddie Alderson, a boy who I did not recognize at -all- played the character of Sanford Clark, Northcott's accomplice/nephew. This unknown actor definitely impressed me. In all honesty, I can see a bright acting career looming ahead of this one.
All in all, this Clint Eastwood (That's right! He wrote the music AND directed!) piece of cinematography is definitely worth taking a look at. For Jolie fans, for 20's enthusiasts (guilty as charged) or anyone looking for a moving film to enjoy with -most- of the family (little'uns ought to be left alone. And anyone with an attention span less than 3 hours. Whew!) without convulsing in sobs (*cough* Seven Pounds *cough*), this film is definitely worth a look-see.

I also recommend: Seven Pounds, Yes Man, Last Chance Harvey and, believe it or not, inkheart

Books-turned-to-Movies I haven't seen but want to VERY Badly: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Revolutionary Road

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I wish I wasn't a teenager.

I also wish I wasn't a girl.
And I wish that my hormones didn't hold the reigns-of-life.
I also wish that ...relationships were easy.
Easy to get into, easy to maintain...all around easy.
Alas, I am a teenager (16), I am a female (all-around) and my hormones do own me.
Relationships will never be easy, coming nor going, and I will probably never be completely content with one of these high-school docudrama relationships.
I'm glad I'm single and available, don't get me wrong, but I just can't get over feeling something is missing.
Perhaps my over-dating in the past few years has conditioned me into some Pavolovian-style need for a special someone...

The thing that gets me, though, is that I've friends who constantly comment on my dating habits. And my (in their eyes) 'perfect' dating past.
They speak as though I can get any guy or girl (whatever :/) I want, just by talking to them.
To paraphrase, "You break up with someone and, two weeks later, you've got another boy begging to be with you."
Too bad that "two-week-later" guy tends to be a nub. A nub with a lack of manners or lack of respect for women (though they claim they do. And no, Z this isn't about you. This is about any relationship I've had that I jumped into way too quickly).

I completely forgot where I was going with this blog...
I'm tired of having directionless blogs.
One day, I'll plan it out to the end, rather than just the opening.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life is hard sometimes

But in the end, I feel refreshed.

I've just put a relationship that has been causing me so much pain in the recent past up on a shelf for a while.
Many of my friends are "proud" that I've recognized that this "mess of an affair" is what it is, and that I've chosen to end it--at least temporarily.

It's depressing, though.
The fact that they've been trying so hard to make me happy...
and the fact that I've done nothing but shrug their advice off..
and the fact that he refused to do anything about it besides mumble "I'm sorry..."
and the fact that everyone's secretly been rooting for me to do this anyways?
A bit saddening.
But that's okay.
Because I'm refreshed.
I'm single.
And I'm giving him a second chance in a few months....maybe?
I don't know.

At least I don't constantly feel guilty anymore. And I don't hate myself for putting up with...stuff I oughtn't to have been putting up with in the first place.

I'll be fine.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Note to My Friends

A Letter to My Friends

I love you.
A lot.
More than I can say really.
I know I seem like such a loser sometimes, and I contradict myself on occasion.
I know that I'm complain-y and utterly weird.
And I know, in the end, you'll be there for me.
I just want to let you know, I'll be there for you too.
You've done SO much for me in just these past few months.
More than I can account for in the past few years.
I've finally found a group of people I love and don't want to lose. EVER.
I say we make a pact to keep in touch, seeing as Senior Year is approaching, and with that, graduation.
I appreciate everything you do for me, to me and at me (xD) and I love all our stupid inside-jokes.
One day, maybe, I'll be able to pay you back for the load of awesomeness you've all dumped upon me.
Thank you.
For being there.
For being you.
For loving me.
For having me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I've nothing to write about

Nor anything to rant about.
Nor anything to draw...about?
Grammarfail is fail.

I finished a comic (huzzah) but I've yet to hear back from comicgenesis...maybe they didn't find it so amusing *sigh*

I'm beginning my host-search again.
Anyone have any suggestions?
I can't pay for a domain, so I'm looking for a free hosting website. (I have no job, so I can't pay the rates :O)

Comments with sites are awesome!
Comments with ideas of what to write/draw are even awesome-er!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Who knew?

Horrible scam running around Facebook again! I advise a change in passcode to you all!

Sorry for such a short post, my computer is elsewhere and I can't find the mac :(

On the other hand, I recieved my Gelaskin today! (Little Red, it's beautiful. :3
Definitely recommend this to anyone looking to turn their iPhone/iTouch/iPod/Laptop into a gorgeous work of art! iPhone and iTouch users, get the Gelaskin app for free for beautiful and unique wallpapers! (okay, done with my spontaneous ad. I'm just blown away at my satisfaction.)

:D Huzzah


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sort of photo happy lately...

Sorry about that.
Usually I think blogs should be specifically text-based, but that doesn't seem to please the public XD

Well, I've finally updated A Day In The Life (you can see on my DeviantArt - I colored it, to make up for lost time....but that's really no excuse. I've got around 7 more to scan/edit/possibly color...I think I'll end up making a new blog dedicated to the comic and updates about it. What do you think?

Only downside would be the fact that users would have to scrooooolllll back to see the eldest comics once I get myself into a systematic schedule sort of thing :/
I've got to get back in the grooooove!

Anyways, here's a teaser and the direct link

Wednesday, January 21, 2009




Someone ought to fix that damned door.... 4/ radians and radiuses and chocolate and pumpkin and...wait. This isn't home ec...

Stupid Pre-Cal


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One of those "I miss my old self, even though I hated it" posts

Because, honestly, I do.

My old self was:
Had leadership qualities
Knew what she wanted and got it no matter how
Was constantly mistaken for a Japanese girl
Wasn't double questioned about things she liked

However, my old self was horrible, selfish and lost me a lot of friends. I got too assertive, too fast. I lost respect from old aquantances and was constantly in trouble with my dad.
But for some reason....I want it back.
Not the ruthelessness, not the over assertion and definitely not the school-wide loathing, but the quirkiness and a bit of that assertion wouldn't be too bad right?

At least I -looked- cool then.
Maybe I'll change my make-up style again
and I'll dress in loud colors again
andgetmistakenforascenequeen? No.
Maybe I won't then :/

Old me:

I don't want to be the old me.
Old me was a b**** :D
I may dress normal and wear less makeup, but at least I'm nice.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Standing up
Standing tall
World spinning
About to fall

Construction workers
their loud clacks and clangs
their drilling and screwing
hammering and pangs
destroying the silence
creating the wall
of blue-tained glass
one thousand feet tall

Higher and highter the new building rises
Blocking the sun, erecting the towers
a lightheaded feeling
the building must know
from nothing to giant the baby must grow

Steel rods, metal hooks
glass windows, tile floors
new lighting, new wires
new paint on the wall

Standing up
standing tall
world spinning
about to fall

years later, much older
the building still stands
glass crusty
metal rusty, no mother to care

People walking
people talking
the building withstands
bums pissing
cats hissing
the building's cradling hands

Young man
life in pieces
knows the one true escape
ichi soshite
ni soshite
san soshite

Huzzah. Lyrics with no music?
I'll work on it later.

Edit: Decided that this will be a sort of half-sung rap. I'll come up with another chorus to sing...or have Niisan translate a bit to Japanese and sing that?
Yes. :D

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mobile posting

Is new and exciting. Who knew I could be on-the-go while being on-the-go?

(Oh God, I sound like a meme.)

I'm not sure what to write about anymore

Nor am I sure what to draw. Or photograph. Or what monologue to memorize, or what song to practice singing....

I hate artist blocks, don't you?
They're painfully unproductive,
and you end up hating yourself until it's over with.
And then you hate that you hate yourself
but can't do anything about it
until you get that bit of art
(crappy as it will probably be)
squeezed out of your cinderblock brain
and put onto paper or...somewhere


Emma/Yun spam

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yun has arrived

He's beautiful. His name is Yun Xiao, though technically he is a Dollzone Megi, fullset 2 (so, he'd be listed under Megi-2).
You can find him via this link. :3
He arrived on Friday and is absolutely amazing. I'm so excited that he came! He's about 45 cm, making him almost two times the size of my first doll, Emma (at a mere 27 cm lol).

Absolute win on Doll-zone's, Junkyspot's and My part :D

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is anyone else

Getting a bit miffed at how much advertising has weaseled it's way into television and films?
Even video games are victim to the advertisement wave.
From widely viewed tv series such as Smallville (Stride gum) and iCarly ('pearphones'-iphone) to Guitar Hero III World Tour (coke and KFC).

And it's not like this is a new development, either. Remember Cat in the Hat? (Though theirs was more of a joke).

Share your experiences.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


You know how, when a dream is odd enough, it just sort of sticks with you?

Last night, I had a series of dreams (per usual) with seriously odd plotlines.
One stood out.

I was with my friends in some sort of field. Perhaps at a mall courtyard or something. It was daytime, and the sun was very, very bright. (I remember this, because Eddie* made a comment about how he was being blinded). Nadine* and Marolyn* were also complaining about the heat. Anyway, Eddie and I began to play-fight in our ubergeeky way ("I have a forcefield, so your shot didn't get me!") when we got carried away and ended up in a more secluded area of the courtyard/field/whatever. I finally managed to touch the target-spot (our noses) he suddenly kissed me. Naturally, I covered my mouth and turned away really quickly and got -really- embarassed. Nadine trotted by (having seen this) and rolled her eyes, laughing. She said something along the lines of "Now that that's out of the way, let's go back" or ...something. Either way it wasn't angry, confused or anything. Just...passe. By now Eddie was laughing, but noticably embarassed. We returned to Marolyn and Aaron* (Another friend) and resumed our geek-fight.
End of dream.

*Names changed

What the heck was that about?