Sunday, May 27, 2007

Writing a Scene in ten minutes or less

May 21, 2007

XD my little group had to write a scene in like...8 minutes using certain given phrases, and Elisibethian language. We wrote it super-fast, so it's all disconnected and totally cheezy. But I -had- to post it.

The group was: Me, Freddy, Raphy, and Phillip. Woot.


King is sitting at a dirty table, obviously just eaten an large feast, he gets up and burps. King and Queen begin to dance across stage, while the Servant cleans up the mess. OK/Drunkard (Who is dressed in a heavy cloak, hard to see his face) bumbles in hiccuping and drunk. The music and dancing ends just as Drunkard stumbles into an akward court bow.

QUEEN: My, a lovlier dancer dost not exist.
DRUNKARD: His better doth not breath upon the earth.
SERVANT: (to Queen) Shall I fetch your stuff from the Shipboard?
QUEEN: Yes, Pray you do.
DRUNKARD: Excuse us, dear lady, I beg a moment with the King (hiccup)
(Queen bows and scurries off.)
KING: What dost thou want from me?
DRUNKARD: Your kingdom...for my Swiftest Steed.
KING: My Kingdom for a HORSE?! Thou art no more than a drunkard fool!
DRUNKARD: Do you bite your thumb at me sir?
KING: Who are you but a bumbling idiot? How dare you insult the King with such a question!
DRUNKARD: (takes off cloak) I am King of the neighboring land-Yor! And I -will- have your kingdom! (proceeds to take out sword)
King and Drunkard (now Other King, or OK) unsheeth their swords and proceed into a clumbsy swordfight, though it is obvious neither has really used a sword in combat. After a few bumbling moves, the OK knocks the King's sword out of his hand. As the King tries to get up and run to UL, OK grabs King's sword and closes in on King. King is now UL, back facing off-stage. OK stage-stabs King and King falls backwards, landing backstage--unseen. Just as OK stage-stabs King, Servant enters. She screams as King falls. Queen Enters. As Queen Enters, OK covers self with cloak again.)
QUEEN: What is all this noise? (sees King, yelps)
OK: The servant girl, she has killed the King!
SERVANT: Thou art a liar, I've done nothing.
QUEEN: Dist thou not kill the king?
OK: She lies! I witnessed his death with thine own eyes!
KING: I am a ghost, and am invisible. Soon my Queen will know the truth.
QUEEN: She must be punished!
OK: Allow me, Kind Queen!
SERVANT: Thou shalt not kill me! For you are the King's Killer!
KING: I hope she trusts the servant's truth. (King moves towards Queen and taps her on the shoulder)
QUEEN: (Sensing the King) A moment, sir. I wish to see your face. (begins to pull off cloak)
QUEEN: King of Yor!?
KING: Another peice of the truth has been revealed!
SERVANT: Dear Queen, I would never tell you wrong! This is the killer!
QUEEN: I have known that thou wanted the kingdom, but to go to such lengths--
OK: Most gracious, accomplished lady, the hevens rain odours upon thee!
QUEEN: Your words will do you no good. As the King's killer, you shall be punished. You are to be sent to the dungeons for the remainder of your life!
(Queen and Servant both begin to take OK down to the "dungeon" offstage, as they are walking, King moves DC, and proceeds to give a final speech)
KING: Thus ends the story of my death. The King of Yor lost his mind in the dungeons, and the Queen remarried to lead a successful Kingdom. But that's a different story.

Bold was either given lines, or a given movement or sort of 'circumstance'

Woo bad writing!