Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 things

Gloomyunderwoods on Deviant Art posted this new meme "Childhood beliefs" where you write down 10 things you used to believe as a child.
Hopefully tomorrow or sometime soon I'll illustrate these and post them too :)
I have some cute ideas for them!

Anyway here they are:
1. I could "scare" traffic lights into changing to green
2. It was possible to grow up to be an animal of some sort (usually a feline).
3. If it was darker in a specific spot than the surrounding area, there was a portal to a seperate dimension hidden there, and if you get too close you'll get pulled in. This portal showed up in my shower during hide-and-seek a LOT.
4. If I closed my eyes, crossed my legs and concentrated hard enough, I could float up/down the stairs.
5. 16 was the absolute best age EVAR. You could drive, were pretty, were in high school and had a boyfriend. Basically, you're a mini-adult PLUS all the fun!
6. All my dolls, stuffed animals and toys would "come to life" when I was not looking, or wasn't around. And if I abused them, they would become sad and despondent.
7. God had a little camera installed in each room, and in the trees outside so he could see you on one of those massive security-camera-screen things you see in the movies.
8. My mom had magic-hands. Once, my leg was absolutely COVERED in ants, and she swiped down my leg, and all the ants disappeared.
9. If you cut a sandwich into triangles, as opposed to squares, the sandwich will taste better.
10. Barney was real. I saw a Barney concert, and though I could see where his head, hands and feet met the main part of his costume, I couldn't find a zipper. I assumed he was wearing protective gear that looked exactly like his hands/feet/head to keep him from getting sick or hurt or something. zipper=real.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hmmm..Colleges, Colleges.

I've been accepted to:
Kings College
Stephens College

I've been rejected from:
University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (CCM)

I'm still awaiting letters from:
Ithaca College
NYU ~ Tisch
Southern Methodist University.