Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is more for my benefit

Than any one else's.
Not like anyone reads my blog anyways XD

Tossing ideas around for New Years comic.

Full page: Henry is center. Megan is to the left, popping some sort of new-years popper thing right in Henry's head. Genna is in the back, dressed as Picard, facepalming. I'm also in the back, with a cup of something. I'll have bubbles around my face to imitate being drunk (?) Raphy will be texting in the background as well. Helen will be hanging from something on the ceiling. "Happy New Year" is in an arch either above or below the commotion. Probably below, since Helen is on the ceiling. XD

Next comic:
Open with Henry at a computer. Next panel: Screen-shot of him on facebook. "Tsuki smith" comments something that ends/includes/is "Facepalm." Next panel: Shot of Henry at computer, Genna is now in background looking over shoulder/at door/something. Henry muses aloud "Facepalm? Is that some sort of facial cleanser?" Next panel: Genna dressed as picard facepalm-ing
End. :3

Next comic: Either Megan or myself staring blankly in the center of the page with a large window in the middle of the forehead. Random words in different colored inks are passing by the window from the inside. Caption: "What if people had windows on their heads? Would we be able to view their thoughts? Courtesy of AlignedDeb"

Note to self: Work on being consistant. :D



Checkit! :D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mama Mia (spoilers)

Have you ever heard of the television show, Who's Your Daddy ?
It was a Fox Reality program that ended after a pathetic six episodes in 2005. I wiki'd the show to find out more about the program. "For the show's premise, an adult who had been put up for adoption as an infant was placed in a room with 25 men, one of whom was their biological father. If the contestant could correctly pick out who was their father, the contestant would win $100,000. If they chose incorrectly, the person that they incorrectly selected would get the $100,000, although the contestant would still be reunited with his or her father."

Why did I open with such an off-topic subject?
Because Who's Your Daddy is quite possibly the best related television show to the Award-Winning flop, Mama Mia.

At first glance, the film seems like a family-friendly, all around sap-fest filled with upbeat songs that should go down in history as one of the most loved films of our generation, right?
Not only does Mama Mia have a not-so-family-friendly plot-line, the music used for the Broadway hit are all the horribly stupid works of ABBA, a Swedish Pop band that was big in the 80's.

The film opens with a sickening pop-ballad sung by Sophie Sheridan (Amanda Seyfried), the main character of the film which can make even the most avid musical-defender squirm with discomfort. (Believe me, I'm one of those.) I'll give it to Amanda, though. She sang the horrid ABBA the best it could be sung, and the lyrics did not do the poor girl justice.
We then lead into Sophie joining her friends, Ali and Lisa, with whom she sings "Honey, Honey" when Sophie reveals she has found her mom's (Donna Sheridan; Meryl Streep) diary. The trio sings of her mother's risque past, specifically three enteries written around the time Sophie was concieved. Not only does Sophie reveal her mom was a whorish girl, she also finds out that she could be the spawn of one of THREE men. Which man, however, is still unknown to Sophie. (Apparently her entire life has comprised of a giant hole that only a daddy can fill? She later tells us that she's had an empty childhood thanks to her father not being around. What a way to thank your single mom for raising you so well.) So, as any good daughter would do, she sends letters to all three men requesting their presence at her wedding the next day. She signs as her mother. :/
Now, Sophie and her mom own a sort of hotel in Greece. (?) Of course, the hotel is falling apart and her mother is fretting about having no money. The three dads show up, (woo?) and find out that SOPHIE sent the letter. (Oh no!) Sophie promptly shoves them into the "goat-house" without any sort of explination as to why they were sent the letter in the first place except "Don't tell mum." Gee, thanks Soph.
While the men are arriving, so are Donna's two whorish friends who refuse to let the past go, Rosie and Tanya (Julie Walters and Christine Baranski). And what do you do when your friends arrive and you've just discovered you have no money? You sing a song, of course! Thus enters, "Money, Money, Money." I have to hand it to Meryl, though. Only she can make an overlong "OHHHHHH" sound good. And, lo and behold! The only-greek-speaking patrons running around know the words too! AH THE WORLD MAKES SENSE.
As the plot drags along (yes, even with up-beat pop songs, this horrible movie lasted a bit too long), we meet Sophie's fiance, Sky, and learn interesting (not) things about her could-be fathers. With her naive notion that whichever father is most like her is -her- father, Sophie confuses herself into oblivion. Donna discovers the Men and sings "Mama Mia!" to express weather or not she has the guts to go talk to these men. With the help of her friends, she finds that she is a coward and wants to rid of these past-lovers immediatley, and kicks them out.
Visibly shaken, she confides in Tanya and Rosie ("Chiquitita") a secret she has kept from everyone - she is uncertain which of the three men is actually Sophie's father. No matter, as Tanya and Rosie rally her spirits by getting Donna to join in with the female staff and islanders accompanying a musical number intended to make her forget her woes. Donna and The Dynamos reclaim their glory days and champion the women of the island in a call to liberation ("Dancing Queen"). More only-greek-speaking women knowing the words to ABBA music! Ahoy!
Next we find Sophie on Bill's (the sea-loving, Greek-nut father-could-be) boat in a wierd almost-flirtatious scene where she learns bits and pieces about each of the men's past through another song- "Our Last Summer". Needless to say, Mum and I were expecting Sophie to jump each of the men's bones. It was creepy. Luckily, Sky (remember? The fiance we've only seen once?) calls for Sophie and she clumbsily jumps into the ocean and swims back to shore. Sky suspects she is up to something, and Sophie explains what she has been up to. Naturally, Sky is pissed. He "Doesn't know who she is anymore" seeing as she's trying to reach out to her father. :/ But, they get over it and sing "Lay All Your Love on Me" in passionate harmony. Ew. To the audience's relief, Sky is whisked away to his Bachelor party. Wait, what just happened?
We skip forward to the evening, where Sophie is celebrating her last night as a single female, where her mother and friends (mother's friends, not Sophie's. We haven't seen either of those girls since their trio at the beginning of the movie.) sing "Super Trouper" while wearing gaudy 70's jumpsuits. Woo-wee. The fathers stumble upon the party and are thus run over by hundreds of girls who, apparently, are man-deprived. They tie the men up (spare Sam, he escaped to speak with Sophie) and sing the hormone-dripping "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Man after midnight)" while, basically, stripping the over-50 men. Sam and Sophie speak of Sam's love for Donna. FINALLY he puts two-and-two together and realizes he COULD BE HER FATHER. And he offers to walk her down the aisle the next day. She agrees and then runs away to find Harry (the almost-gay father) and ask him if he ever watned children. He claims "If I had a daughter, I would spoil her rotten." Through a painfully over-acted "OH!" moment, Harry realizes he, too, could have been her father. Again, the father-could-be offers himself to walk her down the aisle. Again, she says "Sure!" This time, she gets pulled away by the mob of women and is forced to table-dance with Bill, the only father she has yet to speak to. Finally, Bill reveals that the old woman who gave Donna the money to invest in her Villa was his Great Aunt Sofia, and Sophie guesses she must be her namesake. That's it! Bill must be her father! Bill clambors off the table in disarray and Sophie is just happy to have possibly found her father.
But her happiness is short-lived as Sam and Harry each tell her they must be her dad and will give her away ("Voulez-Vouz"). A shocked Sophie can't tell them the truth and, overwhelmed by the consequences of her action, faints on the dance floor.
Cut to the morning, and we see Donna freaking out about the men. She thought she got rid of them! But no worry! Her friends will rid of them for her, so she can spend her time with her daughter. Donna confronts Sophie in the courtyard, mistakenly believing Sophie wants the wedding stopped. Sophie angrily says that all she wants is to avoid her mother's mistakes and storms off. An upset Donna is accosted by Sam, full of fatherly concern (bleh) at Sophie getting married so young. Donna dresses him down, and both realize they still have feelings for each other and sing another passionate duo, "SOS" full of sickening harmonies. If they had to choose a singing dad, why didn't they get a guy who could SING? One confusing cut later, we find Rosie on Bill's boat, trying to woo the men into leaving. Bill and Harry confide in each-other that they could be Sophie's father, but are interrupted by the already mentioned Rosie. To add to the discomfort, Bill is naked and has two eyes tattooed to his butt-cheeks. :d We then cut to Tanya in a paddle boat with one of the men (can't remember which) who dives out of the boat to escape. Pepper, the funky black kid who we've met once at a bar scene earlier in the movie, suddenly gets all hot n' bothered for Tanya. He's an awkward looking fellow, so the next dance-and-song number, "Does Your Momma Know," is really quite funny. He tries to be 'sexy' but pulls off the entire number as 'IwishIwereyouragesoIcouldwooyoubutI'makidsoIlooksilly.' Sky comes up and confronts Sophie about the Dad thing and admits he put his "life on hold for [her]." That he wanted to travel the world but found himself so in love with Sophie that he couldn't leave her behind. Mushymushywoowoo.
Another abrupt cut later, we find ourselves in Sophie's room, where Donna is helping her Daughter get ready for the wedding that should be happening later that night. Donna sings a sweet song about losing her daughter to the hands of time ("Slipping Through My Fingers"). Had it not been for the random "Let's turn to the camera and sing for a few seconds!" moment at the end, I think the number would have been moving. But, alas, once again, cheesy choreography ruined the bit. Now, utterly moved by her mom, Sophie decides that her MOM should be the one who walks her down the aisle, and tells Donna such. (But wait, didn't she already ask Sam, Harry and Bill? Hmm :/)
As the staff and bridesmaids accompany Donna and Sophie to the chapel (On a Donkey, no less XD), Sam lies in nervous wait. Donna waves the wedding party on, and he begs Donna to talk. She cuts him short, however, revealing the deep pain she felt over losing him by singing a confusing bit- "The Winner Takes it All." (Let's just say, Mum and I found ourselves going "Wait, what?" When Meryl suddenly turns the song's focal point on her, and not her daughter. There was no real change in emotion, nor a change in...well, anything, when Meryl suddenly started singing about herself, and not Sophie.) The number is a bit long, and very unfocused. Tra-lala. A few moments later, she rushes up the steps to the chapel.
Now, you have to remember that neither of the women thinks the other knows why the three could-be fathers are on the island, much less attending the wedding. Donna, all choked up from her Daughter's wedding, suddenly blurts out that Harry, Sam OR Bill could be Sophie's father. (A comical response can be found with the Priest) To no surprise, Sophie is moved by the sudden truthfullness and admits SHE invited them. (Woahnoes!)
To no one's surprise, Sophie calls the wedding off. In the chapel. With the priest. And...well. Everyone. Donna actually almost gets mad. Sophie explains that she doesn't feel ready yet, and wants to travel with Sky instead. She says the wedding can wait until they come back. Sky is estatic and kisses her. It appears that preparations have been in vain until Sam steps in with the final curveball: he proposes to Donna. Of course, Donna accepts ("I do, I do, I do, I do"). The movie would be able to end with everyone being happy and their ears still in tact. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!
AWKWARDCUT! We're now at Donna's wedding reception (the entire set for this piece is overly surreal. I feel like someone plastered a tile-pattern of a single photo of lights in the background), where Sam reveals he has loved Donna for 21 years (even though he's been married, had two kids, hasn't seen Donna for 20 of those years, etc) through a song that is found only in the movie version. "When All Is Said and Done." Again, why couldn't we have gotten a guy who could SING? Rosie, tossing all her earlier lesbian-vibes aside, attempts to make a coy play for Bill ("Take a Chance On Me"). It's overly awkward and probably could have been cut from the film without any repercussions. All the couples (Including Harry and some guy. So, he is gay?) present proclaim their love and, magically, water from Aphrodite's fountain of love bursts through the crack in the courtyard at Villa Donna. ("Mama Mia!" reprise)
The story concludes as Sophie and Sky bid farewell to Skopelos island and sail away to a new life together ("I Have a Dream reprise"), one full of hope and promise and horrible soprano breathiness.
During the credits, the older trio (Donna, Tanya and Rosie) don their 70's attire and sing Dancing Queen with the cast. The men join in in THEIR 70's jumpsuits and sing "Waterloo," thus burning both our ears AND eyes. Finally (and yes, I mean FINALLY) Amanda closes the horrid show with "Thank You For The Music."
I believe the first thing Grandpa said when we finished the movie was, "I don't quite understand why everyone thought that was so amazing," followed by Mom's, "It was horrible," and my own, "That was not Meryl Streep's best work," concluded with a family laugh.
Poor guys at Eagles Trace, though. They have to watch it again on Saturday *snork*

The film, in short, was awkwardly cut and horribly choreographed. Not to mention the ear-bleeding ABBA music (Seriously. How can you string together so many shallow pop songs from the 80's and attempt to make a good film/musical/show out of it? I mean, the only reason why Across the Universe worked was because The Beatles are a talented band and over half of their music is trippy enough to relate to ANYTHING drug-like and make sense. That, and they wrote about what was going on at the time, and that was what the film was about--that time.). The plot was lacking moral wholesomness (My mom was a whore and doesn't know who my dad is, so I'm gonna play Who's Your Daddy Home Edition) to be considered a "Fun Family Film," and the acting was lackluster. Who knew a musical could be so badly done? I sincerely hope Meryl jumps back onto something a bit more dignified, so she can get her name back where it belongs, poor bugger.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I've begun a sort of comic...

It's not really a comic in the sense that it is an ongoing story in which each issue furthers the plot along. It's more like..."Here's something random that happened to [insert name here], with a bit of a Tsuki-inspired twist" or "This was inspired by a fluke note." sort of thing.
Some of them may not even be that amusing to people who don't know who I'm talking about in the comics, but for the most part, the other students seem to find them amusing.

Anyway, the point of this post.
I'm working on this comic and have begun a bit of a regular comic-making schedule (1 per week. Script decided on by tuesday, sketch by thursday, inked by saturday) and I hope to find my old flat-bed scanner (I refuse to tear out the papers from my sketchbook) so I can begin posting them regularly on Sundays. :) I even have a Holiday one that, once posted, will be gravely out of season :D

So, yeah. End of update.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I crave a sergei.
But now I'm seeing other dolls I've fallen in love with...
Other dolls that I found adorable before Sergei, and some after.
Specifically Sabik. But he's so expensive, I never considered him as a reality.
Turns out I might have gotten a doll for Christmas, but they weren't sure which ones were my favorites....
Poop. I'll have to buy one myself, again. I might get a different doll, not a Sergei, since he's a fullset and was one of the first that I fell in love with...and he's bigger :D
Hmmm :/

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is it not depressing to realize

That many, if not all of the people surrounding you are not religious in any way?
In fact, they refuse anything even remotely spiritual?
And if they -are- spiritual or religious, they're bigoted bible-thumpers who are ready to pounce on any "filthy" subject with a washcloth and a can of bible-bleach?

It's not uncommon to see children as young as 10 lose all faith in religion. From Catholic school kids to bastardized children in the ghetto, God (or any spiritual being, supreme or otherwise) is a fleetingly idiotic idea, so it seems.

Some claim the depleting faith lies with scientific discoveries. I could argue that some of the discoveries actually strengthen certain aspects of the bible.
Others leave the blame to the bible-thumping evangelists. You know, the ones who believe everything written is absolutely 100% true and good? The ones who lovingly overlook slavery, adulterism, animal sacrifices and anything else that may make their Good Book seem not so good? The ones who overlook the fact that, when translated from Arabic, "Days" really means "Eras"?

Just a thought....
Just a slightly saddening thought...
Leave me your theories.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sort of shifting some stuff...

From my cellphone-blog to here (Rather, journal entries saved in the application "notes" I'm putting these in reverse chronological order, so scroll to the bottom of this entry to start at the beginning)

A conversation with Sara via "Notepad"
December 4 6:40 PM

-This is a good place to talk quietly, lol.
-Yay!! Okay, this so cool!!
-Lol, so..you read my comic yet?
-Que comic?
-That's a no XD Hangon, lemme go get it.
There. Tell me what you think
-Haha!! Me likei
-Teehee, 'Tis about Monfries. I'll point his picture out when we get to the hallway laters :3
-Yeah, I have no idea who that is. So funny.
-John has an epic half-smile
-Haha, yeah.

I hate
November 12 10:30 PM

My luck. Opening night is tomorrow.
I've sprained the muscles around my
hip-joint. Life pretty much friggin' sucks.

Kou Kou
November 10 11:09 PM

Is the correct spelling. Rehearsal was
an epic fail composed of six pointless hours.

November 6 11:28 AM

Gages 4, 6
Hacky sacks
Uh...camera thing? Music? Uhmmmm

Life is..
November 6 11:20 AM

Back on track. New hair-new outlook.
Evening of dance rehearsal tonight--I get to drum!! :D
I've finally caught myself up in school--less stress is amazing
Ready, steady never look back.
Ready, steady give me good luck.
Ready, steady, don't hold me back.
Let's get started, Ready Steady Go!!!
(dodo-doo-dodo-dododo! Dodo-doo-dodo-dododo!)

October 31 11:01 AM

Turned out fine. :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN
Guess who I am? (Hint: Why So Serious?)

October 29, 8:08 AM

Screwed up faster than I thought I would.
Proof I'm an idiot who has no clue how to make
a relationship work. One day, I'll learn to shut
my mouth. Until then, I'll just cry over the
smoldering bits of carbon that remain.

October 28 10:17

The only fitting word for what my 'friends' are dishing.
I'm having anxiety attacks left and right. I need a break.

(12 minutes, post-post)
I'm irrational
I'm emotional
I'm woman
Hate me, we can form a club
Join the fun
and loath.

A note from the failure:
October 26 10:13 PM

I must be wired incorrectly.
I don't understand my own motives nor my actions.
Shouldn't I have control?
I suppose not.
Perhaps I should resume my position in hiding.
No one will believe a thing I say anyway.

Edit: PMS is evil.

A word from Loo
October 24 10:56 AM

My weekend will rock. And today will
be swell. The weather is heavenly and
my friends are made of epic winnage.
I'm a happy kid. Being single isn't hard
at all, plus I have flirting rights.

The infinite to-do list:
October 21 5:38 PM

Current Event, 2 presidential sheets,
Actor's Notebook, Summer Essay fixes,
get self together.

Mambiri mu stafiri kunla mikaro
Sabala alimuna mikaru (x3)

Mode, Mode, mode-ala mode abule

And then I realized..
October 20 10:30 PM

Mum is unhappy. I'll chalk it up to
stress and PMS. Meh. I've school in 8
hours, so a good night's sleep is in order.

Speed Racer and the World Championship
October 19 10:37 PM

The game rules. Note to self: watch all
52 episodes in English, then in Japanese,
then buy the movie :D
I've school tomorrow. If it wasn't for
ADE, I'd ask to stay home. Darn my
actual enjoyment of school. Group
chillaxing on Saturday-another reason
to remain in top health. Won't last
long--too many sleepless nights plagued with odd, vivid dreams can cause
sickness. I pray for a chilly day. Sleep is
in order, methinks. Oyasumi.

Oh and..(added 30 minutes after last post)
I am surprised by how excited I am for
this weekend....Davis and Liz are yeses
and Zark and Maddie are maybes

A Comedy of Errors
October 18 10:32 PM

Philisophical conversations are both
rejuivinating and humbling. Especially
when they're held with someone whose
intellect surpasses your won, but is
made obvious only by her thought-out
arguments and understanding of difficult
theories. I love haging a friend who is
willing to talk stuff out when things get
bumpy. It's nice. Refreshing. I suppose
it's silly of me to wonder what makes
me remotely likeable. Hmm..do I really
talk funny? Nifty.

In which I express myself in a confusing manner:
October 17 10:45 PM

Tiriba tires, kuku sweats, sansa
marisan, let's circle up.
College, grow up, facepalm, shallow
middle-class white chick.
Squeak, soprano throat pangs,
Juniors only, epty room, nostalgia and
funny converstaions-He's cool.
Busses, unlucky guy, leave the driver to
rot. Lulz

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have come to realize

That I change my appearance a lot.
It's not because I have a problem with the way I look-naturally or otherwise, but it does make me think...
How do I come off to other people?
I've come up with one of two ways I may come off as to other people:

1. "Interesting"
I've a new hairstyle every two or three weeks (which can vary from a different parting side, to a change in color to a complete new do'), yet I manage to rock each hairstyle. I also change my 'look' every couple of days that I make sure flatter my figure, so it looks like I can rock any sort of clothing 'style' as well. In a sort of self-centered way, I'm an interesting figure to follow. Like a television series, each new episode is (obviously) new and different, but equally, if not more entertaining than the last episode. Except, replace "episode" with "hair/clothing/overall style" :D

2. "Troubled"
I can never settle on one look, which may come off as a desperate attempt to find 'myself' through hairstyles and clothing. I also tend to do the more extreme versions of any 'style' (Example, I had cornrows for a few weeks; I'm white.) which can be a "cry for attention" because, you know, I'm such a tortured soul. It could also be a form of multiple personality disorder trying to unmask itself to be helped. For all I know, there's another side to me named Mindy who absolutely HATES herself and thus influences Mandi subconsciously to change something plainly visible about herself to satisfy the inner Mindy.

Who knows?
I like the first, though :)
I don't like the idea of an inner-Mindy trying to take over me XD

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A new song? I think not.

November 30, 2008

(sung to the tune of "Lumberjack" by Monty Python)
I am a nerd-bat, but that's okay
My friends still love me, anyway!
I will continue, to be a geek
'Til I lose the, 'bility to chat-speak!

Inferiority Complex

November 30, 2008

Sometimes, going to an Arts Magnet can really eat away at your self-esteem

And I end up hating how I am constantly being surrounded by so much talent.

Because I end up feeling inferior...
I write something with the knowledge that Maddie could have worded such-and-such much better.

I sing something knowing I could be outsung in a heartbeat by the kid who sits next to me in APUSH.

I sew something knowing that both Andi and Lakyn would subconsciously view it with slight distaste at my lack of skill.

I play something knowing Davis could kick my butt at it.

I memorize a monologue knowing that John could own me.

I dance knowing that Zaikyyah could perform with much more grace.

I photograph something knowing Zark or Hiratai could have figured out a much better angle to set off the setting sun.

But I'll keep trying...practicing...attempting
It just sucks. I feel inferior.

Meh :/


I'm not new to the blogging world...just to "Blogger"
I'm going to be moving a few posts over from an old blogging website, so this is technically my first-ever Blogger post....Though the other blog-dates say otherwise, kay?
Confused yet?
Anyways, Hi!
I'm Tsuki-Mandi, and I'm a thesbian. (All: Hello, Tsuki)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

One day I'll put this to music...

November 29, 2008

Weather I'll sing it or not is a completely different story.

The soundtrack in my mind
Ever playing, constant loops
You see,
There's a glitch..
Sometimes, the music flips
And intertwines the chords a bit
Making two, even three songs into one
One big, glitchy song
Of Beatles and Raindrops and Death Cab and ...music
Music takes me away
To a place I didn't know was there
Until I found it (Well, duh)

You see, I'm a cynical person
Overly analytical of everything I do
I think I screwed up somewhere...
not sure where though.
I want a parrot...not really.

I wish I could put some of my funny moments...
into a giant webcomic. But alas,
I've no talent.
Though talentless people can make webcomics too, I guess.
I'd try...but no wacom, no scanner...
I'm making up excuses now.

The soundtrack of my--wait, I've done that.
You see, there's a glitch in me
it makes me cynical
and intertwines the chords a bit
not sure where though
To a place I didn't know was there
I'd try...but no wacom, no scanner
I think I screwed up somewhere
..intertwining the music a bit into..
a giant webcomic.
I'm making up excuses now, I suppose
But you see, there's a glitch in me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A song? Or perhaps a poem?

November 25, 2008



Stiff in movement, rough to the touch
Steel pipe for bone, cable wires for muscles
Feet drag, no lift, knees don't work
hands lie, not limp, but motionless
Head still, no movement, not even muscle twitch
for cables do not twitch

Look forward, no perefials, almost blind
Listen not, no recognition, nearly deaf
No thought, only to breathe
Smell nothing, senses refuse to work
Salivation impossible, a disease?

Heart pumping, but not emotionally
checked out, no returns, gone for lunch...permanently
Emotions dead, no love
no hate, no grief, no thanks

stiff in movement, rough to the touch
checked out, no returns
no love, no hate

I haven't decided what category this should go into...Hmm

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A conversation I had once...

November 22, 2008


"I really hate how much our school has changed thanks to the budget and yet every time I express that, someone feels the need to call me an idiot"
"You're not an idiot, it's true. And as much as I disliked W, this new woman is changing a lot of what made our school special."
"Exactly, it sucks balls and all these people are like, 'just cos we're an arts school doesn't make us special' and that's exactly why we're special."
"Agreed. Most newniors, sophomores and freshmen can't grasp that reality, it seems"
"Even the small stuff like eating in class or having lunch anywhere in the building. People
don't seem to realize that contributed to our originality as a whole."
"Exactly. And our 'phone zones'"
"Yes! I couldn't've been the only one pissed when those disappeared. What's next? Hat day?"
"Or hallway-bound scene practicces? 'too loud' pssh"
"Or even cutting fabric in the hall. It was a bigger deal at Nolan Estes but still"
"We've much more space here, obviously. Thank the Lord some of the stronger teachers rebel by letting us eat or use our cells or listen to music during huge lulls in class"
"Yeah. But it sucks that some abide by the rules so closely, and that the rules are even there."
"Moreso that they're even there."
"Yeah. And I don't understand why people just don't get how much it sucks. It's almost opressive"
"The real irksome part is the fact that her "student-meetings" in the mornings have resulted in MORE rules while we continually protest for less"
"She only started that so she could at like we had a say. She's a bit of a dictator."
"She really is."
"She's treating us like any other school. And people say it's because of the budget. Our budget is bigger than most schools."
"Twice as much"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kou Kou (African Folklore, with a Mandi-twist)

September 27, 2008

Based off the story Moussa told us during African Dance Ensemble.

In a small village in Africa, there was a mother and two sons. Now, these two sons were no ordinary sons. They were twins. Twins of the Yin-and-Yang; In other words, one was good and one was evil. The good twin listened to his elders, aided his mother, followed customs and worked diligently. The bad twin, however, was his mirror opposite. He discarded all of the elders' advice, disrespected his mother's wishes, spat on customs and worked only when it was convenient to him.
Leading from this village was a wide road; it was the only way to get to their neighboring villages. The path had a guardian spirit who would bless the passers by as they made their way to or from their sister village. His only request was to not be looked at, nor touched. And the good people respected his wish; warning any newcomers of the now age-old custom. And the people would pray, and pass. Pray and pass. Pray and pass. No one touched, no one saw. They would simply pray and pass.
One day, the mother and her two twins were to attend a wedding in a sister village. Their journey to the village was uneventful. Each respected custom by praying, then passing. The mother prayed, the good twin prayed and the bad twin (reluctantly) prayed. The wedding was a delightful success. In the evening, after the ceremony and celebration had died down, the small village's people began their tired trek home. Pray and pass. Pray and pass. Pray and pass. The twins and their mother were the last to embark on their short journey. The Yin and Yang twins were playing, full of energy from the celebration and feast, running ahead of their mother, reliving the dances they learned at the ceremony. Their mother attempted to quiet them, but to no avail. The mischievous twin growing tired of dancing, began to search for a new form of entertainment. "The spirit," he whispered, "I will touch it tonight!" The mother overheard her boy whispering and abruptly stopped in her path. The boy, lost in thought, ran into his mother's back. "You must never touch the spirit. It is not only custom, but a way to pay respect to the good spirit who has caused no harm to you! Why must you refuse to listen to what has been told to you many times before? Never, ever, touch the spirit!" The brother turned an unlistening ear to his mother and rolled his eyes. The family resumed their walk. As the family approached the good spirit, the rogue twin slowed his pace. His mother and brother before him prayed and passed. He, however, stopped. He first scrutinized the spirit, squinting his dark eyes to see the spirit's translucent skin, visible only because of the waning light. He imitated the guardian's sweeping hand (the motion used to bless the passersby) and noticed, "Aha!" the spirit was holding a broom, "It is with this the spirit blesses the people?" The malevolent twin touched the spirit. He felt the smooth skin, and relished the coolness. Quick as lightening, the twin's free hand shot out and stole the spirit's broom. The spirit, enraged at the unknowing bad twin, possessed the boy, forcing his host to flail and thrash about. By now, the good twin and his mother discovered the bad twin had gone missing. They returned to find the boy violently seizing. Suddenly, he stopped. His body was still, spare the quick rise and fall of the boy's chest as he breathed. Before his mother could release a sigh of relief, the boy stood up sharply. So quick that neither the good twin, nor the mother saw him stand. Looking her boy in the face, the woman could no longer recognize her boy. His face was twisted into a gruesome mask of fury, his eyes paradoxically dull and lackluster. This child was no longer the woman's child, but a host body to the furious spirit. He began his violent path to the village to which the twin belonged. Burning homes, striking women, challenging leaders, and murdering those in his path. Leaving a zig-zag path of carnage in his wake, the spirit-boy stopped at nothing to release his fury. After ruining the lives of those he spared, the spirit left the boy's body. Leaving an empty shell in the form of a human. The mother and good twin, picked up the boy by his arms and helped him limp into the clearing. They sat him down in the field, bid him goodbye and left to begin anew in their sister village, a mother and son. The shell sat in the field, unfeeling. Unknowing. His own spirit devoured, he stared into the vast nothingness that was now his old village. The now-calm spirit resumed his spot on the path. The mother and son on the all too familiar path, prayed and passed. Prayed and passed.
The good people of the neighboring village learned of the boy and told his tale to warn the maverick children of what happened, when the boy did not listen to his mother, and touched the spirit.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just so you know...

September 06, 2008

That feeling that everything is going to be okay.
And that everything crappy is totally worth it in the end.

It's amazing what a nostalgic movie can do to your mood.
And a bizarre half-conversation with a new, and an old friend can do as well.

I sincerely love life and all the shait that comes with it.


It took me too long to figure that out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A blog to the boozers

August 12, 2008

You just need a splash of ice-water and a slap in the face.
How slow can you get, darling?
You party too much for your own good, drink underage, and apparently get yourself into a lot of trouble when you're drunk.
In other words, I've seen way too many posts about how people should "Disregard Photos From Last Night" and how you have a killer hangover.
Hours later you'll post about how you're upset at how your life is falling apart, why you woke up next to that guy, how no one takes you seriously anymore.
Do you think it could have a connection to the partying?
Because as far as I'm aware, that seems to be your only problem.
You're pretty, and when you're not out being Miss Party, you're a pretty cool person.
Maybe you should stop and think for a bit, and chill on the booze and parties.
Maybe you'll be sober enough to fix whatever's going on that's making your life so miserable, and you won't have any more incriminating photos following you around.
If you can't last a night without parties and booze, you are officially a teenage-alcoholic. And that disgusts me.
And if you're going to continue with this habit, I don't think I can be your friend, though we never were in the first place, were we?
Chill out, and think it through.
Maybe a week without boozing would do you good,
otherwise, get help from a professional, not your myspace friends, since I'm sure they're the ones who took those nasty photos of you in the first place.

I love my dollfie

August 12, 2008

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And dollfies in general.
For one, she's gorgeous. I don't care how "creepy" you think she is, it's the fact that she does look so human and alive that makes her so appealing to me.
She's also a great creative outlet. I can give her whatever backstory, personality and history I feel, and since she is a doll, I can change it at will.
I can make her into different people. People I hate and people I love, or just a mini-me. And I have already begun on a line of clothing for her, which, if I get bored of, I can sell on DOA.
Also, the fanbase of Dollfies is comprised of people from all over the world, of many races and personality types. I get to know people from Norway who have a Bobobie Isabella while chatting it up with the girl who lives in an apartment in Dallas. And many cities and towns all over the world hold things known as "Doll-Meets" where collectors bring one (or all) of their dollfies to have a "playdate" while getting to know other collectors in the area. It's something we can all relate to, talk about and even make a profit on.

And before you put me down for being a teen who still plays with a doll, talk to the 40 year old buisnesswoman who practically has an army of 20. Or even the 19 year old college student studying chemical engineering, or maybe you'd like to speak to the 70 year old who treasures her dolls as though they were her babies.
Doll collecting has no age boundries, right? So why should becoming creative about the beautiful peice of resin you bought have a boundry?
I mean, we all played with Barbies or GI Joe's at one point of time in our life, why must we stop now?

That was a lame argument.
But I wasn't addressing anything that's been said to me outside of "She's weird"
So poop.

Monday, August 11, 2008

another Rant? Porque?

August 11, 2008

When it comes to this over-used chain letter.
I'm not a guy, so I won't write in how they 'feel' when certain actions are made, but I will tell you about my perspective on most of these "What A Girl Means" thing...D:

When a girl is mean to you after a break-up
she wants you back but she is too
scared she'll get hurt and knows
you're gone forever!

Last I checked, when a girl is mean after a break-up, it usually is a result of the breakup itself.
If they broke up to you, and are suddenly mean, it's most likely anger at whatever it was you did to make them break up to you.
If you broke up with them~Put two and two together. You hurt her. Of course she'll be mean. I would anyways. At least for a while

when you catch a girl glancing at you,
she wants you to look back
and smile

Can't really disagree with this one. But just a "glance" isn't always something to act on. You need to "glance back" a few times to find out if she's people-watching or you-watching.
Plus, it's just polite to smile.
Now, if you want her to think you like her back, go talk to her. D:

When a girl bumps into your arm,
while walking with you
she wants
you to hold her hand

Or she simply bumped your arm.
Guys, if you're not going out, don't attempt unless known to be gutsy.
You may get a shot in the groin.
If she's inching her hand closer to yours and brushing her fingers on your palm, however: yeah, she wants you to hold her hand.
And if she persists to the point of obvious 'bumpage' yes, she wants you to. Otherwise, it was an accident.

When she wants a hug
she will just stand there

In today's world, we won't just stand there.
We usually do one of two things: "I want a hug" or go hug you.
It's pretty much as simple as that.
However, nothing is stopping you from initiating the hug.
I, for one, enjoy them, kthanks. And we don't have to be romantic for me to want one.

When u break a girls heart
she still feels it when
you run into each other 3 years later

We may not feel the hearbreak, as this suggests (We aren't all that pathetic),
we may get that weird memory-surge that happens after not seeing someone for a while.
Sorry guys, we don't obsess over you all the time.
It's just how life works.

When a girl is quiet,
millions of things are running through her

Or she is zoning out. Or is shy. Or is mute.
Don't jump to conclusions.
When I get quiet, I'm doing one of three things:
1. People-watching or studying random habits of people I don't know
2. Being shy and waiting for someone to strike up a conversation so I won't have to
3. Zoning out. Simple as that.

When a girl is not arguing,
she is thinking deeply,,

Because a girl who isn't arguing has deep thoughts 24x7.
Maybe we're just happy we're not arguing
Or maybe we're just content with whatever and are not provoked
Or maybe there's a good TV show on
Or maybe there's no need to argue, because we don't thrive on it.

When a girl looks at you with
eyes full of
she is wondering how long you will be

Or why the sky is blue, or why the grass is green
Or why your shirt doesn't match your pants
Or why her hair is sticking up like alphapha today
Or how long this date will last
Or if you are worth the trouble
Or if her homework really was done
Or if An Cafe is coming to Texas any time soon
Or if she should go through that sex change she was thinking about 2 years ago.
Chill boy.

When a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a
few seconds,
she is not fine at all

For the most part, that's true.
:3 If I seriously have to think about weather or not I'm fine, I'm probably not.
It's probably about our period anyways. :3

When a girl stares at you,
she is wondering why you are playing games

Or when you were eating that spinach. XD
XD Maybe we just think you're nice to look at
Or, like I said earlier, we could just be zoning out.

When a girl lays her head on your chest,
she is wishing for you to be hers forever

Because I wish Maddie were mine forever :3
I usually do that because I'm tired or I fell.
If she's with the guy she likes (In my case, my beu)~It's much more intimate and comfortable that way :3

When a girl says she can't live
without you,
she has made up her mind that you are
her future

That's a bit extreme. But yeah, I guess that'd be a fairly reasonable deduction from that line.

When a girl says, "I miss you,"
no one in this world can miss you more
than that

It says the same thing about the guys.
So who misses the other more?
Neither. If they're in a good relationship, they probably miss each other just as much as the other.

As a side note: When I say "I miss you," to guys who aren't my beau or girls, I just miss having their company. I like hanging out with friends, too, ya' know!

I will not say this goes for all girls, since every girl is different.
But as far as I'm aware, the red is an accurate reason behind MY actions :3

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Teaching Miyavi to be "gangstah"

August 05, 2008

mandirjs (12:53:36 AM):
Kabuki Danshi is like the beginning of Neo Visualism
mandirjs (12:53:45 AM): LOL at his purple jacket
"Tess" (12:53:48 AM): Hah
mandirjs (12:53:56 AM): He's trying to be gangstah, and seriously fails.
"Tess" (12:54:04 AM): xD
"Tess" (12:54:14 AM): We should teach him the gangster ways
mandirjs (12:54:25 AM): YES
"Tess" (12:55:03 AM): Mwahaha! Get your gangster pants on, Tsuki! We're going to TEACH
mandirjs (12:55:04 AM): It makes me want his music more.
mandirjs (12:55:21 AM): "Okay, Miyavi. This is a gangsta walk.
mandirjs (12:55:27 AM): It's almost like a limp. But waay cooler"
"Tess" (12:55:31 AM): XDD
mandirjs (12:55:47 AM): Only miyavi could rock a rap song with an acoustic-electric guitar.
"Tess" (12:55:47 AM): "And this Miyavi, is how you dance"
mandirjs (12:55:48 AM): Dork.
mandirjs (12:55:54 AM): Haha
mandirjs (12:56:18 AM): "And these are known as gangstah pants. YES they are supposed to almost make you trip. It looks cool."
mandirjs (12:56:27 AM): Oh My God
mandirjs (12:56:31 AM): THAT IS A CURTAIN THING
mandirjs (12:56:35 AM): He has a curtain thing on his back.
mandirjs (12:56:37 AM): Oh my god.
mandirjs (12:56:38 AM): Dork.
mandirjs (12:56:40 AM): XD So cute
"Tess" (12:56:42 AM): Ohhh lol
mandirjs (12:56:44 AM): youtube
mandirjs (12:56:46 AM): D:
mandirjs (12:56:54 AM): Those little ties with the tassles? Yeah
mandirjs (12:57:05 AM): It looks like mine too. I lol'd
"Tess" (12:57:14 AM): "Also, these pants are supposed to show your butt. No this isn't a trick to see yours Myv, we promise"
mandirjs (12:57:21 AM): *snickers*
mandirjs (12:57:45 AM): "Don't forget your bling! I know it's heavy, but it's to show status. You want to come off knowledgable, don't you?"
"Tess" (12:58:13 AM): XDD
"Tess" (12:58:55 AM): "And you have to lose that silly 90's thing. We're going to be serious gangsters aren't we?
mandirjs (12:59:18 AM): Haha
mandirjs (12:59:31 AM): "Talk with horrible grammar. It's popular, you know."
"Tess" (1:00:09 AM): "You don't know what it is? Well it goes like this; Word homes whass gone down in da hizz?"
mandirjs (1:01:29 AM): Miyavi: "What's a hizz?"
mandirjs (1:01:34 AM): Me: "It's a house silly!"
"Tess" (1:01:37 AM): XD
mandirjs (1:01:41 AM): Miyavi: "Why do I care what's going on in a house?"
mandirjs (1:01:48 AM): "Because it's just something you say
"Tess" (1:02:05 AM): "And don't forget to call your women ho;s!"
mandirjs (1:02:13 AM): "OH and be prepared to buy fake, flashy teeth. Or at least get some tin foil!"
"Tess" (1:02:27 AM): "Or gum wrappers!"
mandirjs (1:02:41 AM): "But be careful, if you stick licked gum-wrappers on your head, it will burn"
mandirjs (1:04:24 AM): Anything we're missing?
"Tess" (1:04:29 AM): Hmm
"Tess" (1:04:36 AM): Grab your crotch
mandirjs (1:04:45 AM): And cuss like a sailor
"Tess" (1:04:46 AM): Wome--I mean, Hoes love that
mandirjs (1:05:26 AM): XDD
mandirjs (1:05:28 AM): That's it! *watches Miyavi continues to scribble on notepad*
"Tess" (1:06:19 AM): You're officially gangsta

We successfully taught Miyavi how to be gangsta.
Just check his new stuff!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I am...

August 03, 2008


Life is moving way too fast for my taste.
I wish I knew where the pause button was.
I wish I could wake up and be entering the 10th grade again, be 14 again, be..."mature for my age" rather than plain "mature."

I don't think I can handle the responsibilities of being a Junior, much less an adult.

I'm scared.
I don't think I'm ready.
And I don't have any choice in the matter.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just a little rant

July 31, 2008

Many people claimed to dislike Brokeback Mountain for multiple reasons.
I find the most aggravating reason to be Jack and Ennis's "Too-Quick relationship."
Many find the...ahem Love-Tent scene to be completely random, and see it as a rather odd jump from just two guys ranching to their aggressive...you know.

BUT If you actually paid attention throughout the opening (Yes, it's long. Get over it), You'd see hints leading up to the point.

1. Jack seemed to be looking Ennis up and down when they first met. He had the whole "I wanna but...I need to meet him...but I'm nervous...let's impress him" air about him. Maybe it was just me, but that's what I read off of his body-language in the VERY FIRST SCENE.

2. A bit more obvious now, Jack tries to get to know Ennis in his own quirky ways. Telling stories about growing up and almost making their life-stories a competition in the bar. That's ...what the second scene"?

3. It isn't uncommon for men to get lonely during the 3 or 4 months away from home.

4. In the Tent scene, after Ennis comes in from the freezing cold, Jack eventually pulls Ennis' hand over his body. At first it seems innocent, until they both bolt up. Then you see Jack (and his ever-building sexual tension) basically attach Ennis.
After some aggressive fidgeting, Jack gets straight to business, pulling Ennis along with him.

5. In a much later scene, when the two boys are meeting up, it is implied by Ennis that Jack was gay (or at the very least interested in men in some way or another) before Ennis even met him. Though, I admit, Jack claimed to have been Straight near the beginning, it is obvious his feelings are a bit different towards this cowboy.

That was a lame argument for my side.
But I saw Jack as gay before I even knew he was.
Or at least, I saw he was interested in Ennis for more than just a buddy-pal relationship.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Um, what?

July 15, 2008

(12:25:41 AM):
*twangy accent* "WEEEEE are having baaaaaad days"
"Kisho" (12:26:23 AM): ......
"Kisho" (12:26:27 AM): *runs away*
mandirjs (12:26:28 AM): "aaand it suuuuuuucks"
mandirjs (12:26:34 AM): "But weeeeee'll pull through....."
mandirjs (12:26:40 AM): "Wiiiith our dodge truuuuuucks"
"Kisho" (12:26:53 AM): Don't forget our cowboy hats!
mandirjs (12:27:45 AM): "aaand our ten-gallon haaats"
mandirjs (12:27:51 AM): "will be emptied of our daytime teaaaars:
mandirjs (12:28:05 AM): "Theyyy will be filled with ....chocolate miiilk!"
mandirjs (12:28:11 AM): ...because that rhymes.
"Kisho" (12:28:25 AM): Sure it does!
mandirjs (12:28:27 AM): :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My life story? I think not.

June 24, 2008

I'm honestly not very sure why I'm posting this at all.
I guess I felt I ought to think back to when I was a kid and see how I grew?
I'm not sure...hmmm....
Either way.

Pre-K didn't exist where I lived. I remember, as a kid, driving by the Kindergarden/Elementary school, asking my dad "When does school start?" every day the summer before Kindergarden. And the summer before. And the summer before. I was so excited to learn...I mean, my brain just hungerd for knowledge. I already had a bookbag, pencils...you know, everything. I wanted to go to school like the big kids and know things.
Of course, it could also have been some subconcious want to show off my reading skillz....w~

Kindergarden was a mess. Seriously.
I was so excited my first day...I honestly don't remember that fabled inability to let go that other kids seem to get on their first day. I was ready to go.
I had an angel of a teacher. She was absolutely amazing. I mean, the light just followed her. I remember, on my birthday, she made me cupcakes, and the entire class got to have the sugary delights.
Of course, my angel had to be taken away. My dad was in the military, you see...so he was restationed in this town near Floresville. I.e. Nowhereseville.
My new kindergarden was no where near as amazing. My teacher was horrid-mean and I didn't like being there.
Honestly. However, since my nap time was different than it was in San Antonio, I got to play computer games when I couldn't sleep. You know, those Jump-Start games? Yeah. Those.
By the end of the year I had made a couple of good friends~and one really good friend, Edward.

First Grade was spent in Floresville. With Edward as my older-brother guard (he was a grade older than me) and Georgie as my trusty companion, we were unstopable. Of course, I had friends my age--Michelle and Erica and whatnot--but I didn't have the after-school adventures with them like I did with Edward and Georgie. We did everything together...from playing pokemon card-games, to adventures in the woods, to tire-swings, to sleepovers...everything. Funny anecdote: I remember talking to my friend, Erica, next to the big silver slide in the playground. Michelle was on top of the slide and was desperately trying to get my attention. After a few thousand "AMANDAAAA!"s, I turned on my heel and yelled up "It's not polite to interrupt!" and finished my conversation with Erica. Michelle was so dumbfounded, she forgot what she was going to tell me. My teachers were Mrs. Snow and Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Snow was the type of character who's name fit her personality. She was cold. And she was mean.
She had her entire room set up in this weird circle-around-the-teacher thing.
And whenever someone got something wrong, she tended to look directly in my direction and YELL. Like I was the one at fault. I remember crying a lot in her class. She taught History and...something else. English, I guess.
Now, Mrs. Miller was awesome. She taught Math and Literature. Pwn. I loved her.

Second Grade I was supposed to go back to my 1st grade teachers.
Like hell I was going back to Mrs. Snow. So, I got my parents to talk to some people and managed to get myself in Mrs. Millers' class full-time.
You see, both teachers taught all four subjects. She rocked.

Third Grade (Philips Elementary) My dad found a job in Dallas, as his back ailments forced him to resign from the military...But he was still stuck on small-towns, so we settled in Kaufman. I remember I went to a girl-scout recruitment meeting, since I needed to make new friends, in June. Funny anecdote: during the meeting, we were given colors and pictures of bears. I think it was she who came in late because of soccor...or maybe it was me....whatever. Anyways, I saw this girl with BIG poofy hair coloring and so I sat near her...or maybe I invited her over. Either way, we were next to eachother. Now, I was coloring my bear with some really ugly brown color, and I asked her to lend me her pink one, for the ears. Anyways, that girl's name is Madeline, and we've been best friends since. Third grade was a mess, too. First I was assigned by the attendance office to Mrs. Shaw, who told me I wasn't on her attendance list. But, she said, there was an Amanda Smith on Mrs. Nation's roster, so I should go find her. So, I did. I sat down at a little desk with my name on it. I picked up the goody-bag Mrs. Nations had put together for me (so I thought) and I began making friends when...(dundunduuun) the OTHER Amanda Smith showed up. Amanda Nicole Smith. We checked the roster and I had to go back to Mrs. Shaw's class. She wrote me in, and I sat at an empty seat next to this hispanic boy. I tried to sound out his name and perk-ily asked him "So, you're name's Josie? Like...a girl?" and he says in this really pissed off voice "No. It's Mexican. It's Jose". Crap.
And to top it off, I kept forgetting Madeline's name, so she was every name I could think of that started with an M for a while.

Fourth grade wasn't all that special. Madeline got detenion the first day in Mrs. Cross's class (we had the class together) for not having glasses. I remember her, Caroline and me coming up with "Never Cross Mrs. Cross or Mrs. Cross'll cross you" or something....either way it was meant to be mean. XD It was either this year or 5th grade that Caroline had her last year with us. D:
XD Me, Caroline and Max all came up with Super Cheeseman, and our horse games this year, I believe.

Fifth grade we moved up to Nash Intermediate. Woo. Graduation. It was about the time I started to think about boys in a way other than friends. You know, crushes and whatnot. In fact, I discovered this old diary entery about one of the boys in my class. I was like "Omigod,he'ssocuteandstuff"
That year I had decided to join choir...mistake. I believe I transferred to get into art by second semester.

Sixth grade Woo. Graduation. No.
I had a plethera of teachers now, including Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Burkheart, and others. I think I had a total of 5 or 7.
Also, during my sixth grade year, was when everyones' voices changed, and we all got a bit more mature than we were before. XD
It was also the year Jacob and Hanna moved to Kaufman. I was assigned to be their tour-guide for the first few days. I had band for the first time this year too, so I had a new instrument to learn, as well as new friends to make and more fitting-in to do. I think I took art this year too, since my math-choice allowed me to have two electives.
Also, this is the year my parents split up. That didn't make Junior high any easier for me, thank you.

Seventh grade. Oh God. Junior High. To be specific: O.P. Norman.
Can you say DRAMA? I had a bad haircut, so I was constantly mistaken for a boy. The fact that I was still flat-chested probably didn't help my case. I started Dance along with Band (and possibly art, as well?) so I had a few more things to do at home besides homework. This was the first year I had real lockers in the hallways, and my first year of even -trying- relationships. I dated Antonio for about a month as the school year was coming to an end...that didn't last. Then I went out with Thomas after an eight-hour drive of nothing but talking the entire time, since both of us were insomniacs. XD That did happen to last a long time.
I learned that I am a painful flirt, that I can bloom overnight (gee, thanks Mother Nature) and I am not most people's ideal dream-girl. Woo.

Eight Grade sucked. I was hated most of the year for stupid reasons. I had pizza thrown at me constantly during lunch. Madeline moved in September, so I was basically alone. I pretty much hated life right about then. I had fewer friends than I could remember ever happening, but I managed to trudge through. Thank God for KCCT, ne? I discovered it in 7th grade, but didn't really get involved until the 8th. I made a bunch of new friends during the show Annie in 7th (like Marty and Randall etc). But in regular school, most of my friends (including my boyfriend) had graduated to Highschool, so I was left to fend for myself. Band was a nice outlet, though. Everyone was nice at least during band. This is when the Josie drama really got out of hand, the Kitty drama got insane (it's on my xanga) and I broke up with Thomas. 2 days before the year-mark. That had to have stung...it did me, anyways.
But I auditioned for Booker T at the end of the year after learning about it the week before. My stepmom sweet-talked the people into letting me turn in my application late, and I had to take an SAT9, before. Which is where I met Edo.

Ninth grade didn't start out as planned. I was on the waiting list for Booker T, so I didn't start there immedietly. I did, however, attend Band Camp and Lionettes Camp (Drill team) and managed to get myself settled back into my old friends and relationships. I dated Kitty for about a month, and then dated Thomas again.
By the third week of school (or later?), the first football game was rolling around, so the band was in high-gear with before and after school rehearsals. On the wednesday before the game, I got a call asking me to start at Booker T the next day. I don't believe I cried harder than I did that night. I had two world to choose. And both hurt, but felt so perfect at the same time. Obviously, I chose Booker T, but only after my first Football game. I'm sure it's because I was leaving, but I got Lionette of the Week and performed my first and last football game. By Monday, I started at Booker T. (Of course, I had to start on a B day of all things ><). Block schedules were new to me, but I had Edo to keep by, so at least I had one friend. Also, my friend Andy (Who I had auditioned with) made it as well, so I got to see her too. I was put in a lot of sophomore cluster clasess, as well as most of my required ones. I made friends pretty quickly, though I was Edo's clone most days.

Apparently, a lot of people didn't like me that way.
I lost a lot of Kaufman friends that year. D:

But, by the end of the year, with the death of my Grandmother piled with the death of my Grandpa Fred, and the hanging-myself-with-my-own-metaphorical-rope, my eyes were opened to that fact. I met Maddie second semester, and we've been really tight ever since.
I'm pretty sure I met Kisho right at the end of the year, since he attended Broadway lights (*shudder*), and I met Niisan a few weeks before. Well...IM'd anyways. XD

Tenth Grade went a hell of a lot smoother. I managed to fix a lot of my old frienships gone awry in Kaufman over the summer, and Thomas broke up with me before 9th grade ended. I dated Braden for almost 3 months, but that wasn't very long. I attended my first con the summer between, and had a blast. I was becoming my own person, and strengthening my relationships with a lot of people, especially Maddie. I got to experience the move between Nolan Estas and the new building, and I learned a lot along the way. I began dating Jacob on September 11th and still am. I made a lot of new friends, who were really there the entire time, if only I had let them in last year. For example: Andi Ball-Mesa, who I can't get over. Lakyn, who I love. Alyssa and John. Jean Luc, Katie, Kayla, Aaron (more this year than last), Dena and a lot more. I got to learn a lot about vocal technique, comedy and other ...acting skills? XD
I managed to make my year rock, honestly. But it went by too fast.
Too bad French sucked ><
I also learned that everyone has a bad side to them, but if you accept the bad side, you can really love the good side.
And I became even closer to the friends I managed to establish last year, spare Edo. Who basically dumped me. Oh well. We don't talk much anymore.

Junior year I hope will be fun. At least half as fun as my Sophomore year, and I will be set. I'm taking a French II course this summer, so I can have more cluster classes next year, and I have a lot of new projects to do for my AP classes.
I'm pretty psyched. I'm still with Jacob, as I said. And I hope there's less drama, spare the whole "omigodwe'regraduatingnextyear" stuff.

Anyways, I don't think I got anywhere with this post, but it entertained me for about an hour.
I hope you enjoyed the peek into my life...and tell me if you noticed any growth in there.
I know I did, it's obvious if you know me, and even moreso if you knew me back when I attended Kaufman schools. But I dunno if it came across in this...