Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dinosaurs and Rubber Ducks

November 20, 2007

Fairly pointless "How I am now" blog:

Basically I'm content. Off-and-on sicknesses suck, though.
Jacob has been getting increasingly sicker since about 2 weeks into our relationship. Maybe I'm some kind of virus....o.o
School's going pretty well. I mean, spare the idiotic-ness of certain teachers (who do not need to be named, but are obvious to anyone who knows me...)
I'm doing well grade-wise I think ^^. Ummm
Theatre classes are spare to none...D,: The only one I have is Acting Problems
But that's okay. At least it's Flex, so I'm not going every-other-day with no cluster classes AT ALL.
That would suck...
Working on some more lyrics. I wish I had a more musical mind to put a melody to them.....T.T
Any help is always appreciated. My most recent songs are in this Blog...some aren't posted for personal reasons, others because they've yet to be translated, and others because I'm too lazy to post them :p
I'm doing pretty well in my language studies, I think.
Learning new Japanese phrases/characters pretty much every day (Thank you Zach, Kiwi and others)
I think I've gotten the hang of French
And IPA is ubereasy, and not really a language so.. :)
Only think I wish I could do, right now, is change some relationship statuses that I have.
TOTALLY lost contact with some rather close friends....I wish I could mend them...
I'm not even sure why some people are ignoring me lately.
I mean....I have an idea, but I'm not going to act on it, ya know?
This, honestly, is the most point-lacking blog I've posted.
No rhythm or rhyme....D: Who cares? :o

Just a message to broadcast to the world:
If you're having a problem with me, or have had one that you'd like to fix, please confront me. I (most likely) want to fix it too.
Just tell me, kay?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Painting pretty pictures

November 19, 2007

Wish NOT Fulfilled

If I were a painter
I would a paint away the anger
with pretty flowers
and abstract shapes
and oddly-shaped people
who smile fake smiles
and frown fake frowns
made of charcoal and pencil and ink and paints

If I were a dancer
I would dance to tell a story
of life and death
of reoccurring dreams
and imaginary people
who smile fake smiles
and frown fake frowns
made of wrist-flicks and toe-points and leaps and sashays

If I were a musician
I would write a song so blue
you will cry in spite of you
telling of smoky bars
and silly clowns
and drugs and sobriety
and people who smile fake smiles
and frown fake frowns
made of candies and words and bribes and money

Painting pictures of imaginary things
Dancing dances of imaginary scenes
Singing songs of imaginary friends
Living in my own imaginary world
with people and things that smile fake smiles
and frown fake frowns
made of charcoal and wrist-flicks and money and life.


Sunday, November 18, 2007


November 18, 2007

Okay, so it has come to my attention that a lot of people think that my obsession with Japan is just a phase.
Hell, the fact that I like Japan has, apparently, given some people actual REASON to hate me.
Could someone please tell me the logic in this?

So, to clear the air on certain viewpoints of mine, I'm going to address a few of the more "pressing" (i.e. obvious) reasons behind why certain people dislike my taste. And please, don't tell me something is wrong. Unless I claim it as fact, this is all opinion. Okay? Alright.

1. Japanese Music
There are a few reasons why I like Japanese music better than American music.
For one thing, there really is no "cover" scene.
A lot of today's artists are too *ahem* artistically drained to come up with their own music or lyrics. So, naturally, they take old one-hit-wonders and remix them to make them sound more modern, and with their voice.
I have yet to run across a cover of an earlier Japanese song.
Spare "Requiem" and "Dear...from XXX" But Miyavi was IN the band that performed them first, so, honestly, I think he's an exception (That law goes for any American singers that had done covers of songs from bands they were in)
Also, I like the feel I get from Japanese music. (Rock, not pop) If I were to ask you to listen to "Akuro no Oka" and then had you tell me what you thought the song was about, I bet you would hit it right on the nail. Most of the music that I listen to conveys whatever feeling and message they have through their voice alone. (You don't have to understand the language to know what the singer is trying to say.
It just helps -_^ )
That is rare among American artists. (And don't you dare argue that one.)

2. Fashion
Okay, this one is a given.
Japanese Street-Fashion is BEYOND creative. It entrances me, and captivates me.
It's amazing what these people come up with. It can range from cute to EXCRUCIATINGLY scary. Seriously.
The basic "style" of Japanese Street-fashion IS to have no "style"
So, when you look at me strangely when I walk down the street with clashing patterns, colors and insane hair....remember that I dare to be different.
American Fashion, however, has become VERY stereotyped.
Go to Hot Topic to find the dwindling Gothic clothing, or the ever-growing "scene" style clothing (Honestly, Scene is like a cheap rip-off of Street Fashion, but too afraid to be weird)
Go to A&F or Hollister for the "preppy" style.
Go to Walmart for the "gangsta" style (I'm not kidding, guys.)
Go to Spencers for the "skater" look. If coupled with Hot Topic, you can become "emo" or a toned-down version of "scene"
Am I getting my point across?
Us, as Americans, are lacking in creativity when it comes to fashion. Of course the stuff on the runway can get pretty insane, but who the heck is going to pay $1,000 for a paper-bag dress?

3. School/Education
Here are a couple of stereotypes that we, sadly, fill out in at LEAST a quarter of our classes.
Enter a room full of American students.
What do you see?
That's right. You see kids slouching, paying NO attention to the teacher. Papers EVERYWHERE. Absolutely NO discipline. The teacher has given up on even -trying- to teach, and has retired to his corner to go to check his MYSPACE. The few kids that are attempting to LEARN something are frustrated beyond belief, and are searching relentlessly through their books for answers to questions, whilst the kids around them are screaming and disturbing the few classes that actually CARE.
Enter a room full of Japanese students (This is based on my 2 penpals, gomen if it isn't ALWAYS correct.)
What do you see?
You see kids doing work, studying whilst the teacher is giving a lecture.
You see at LEAST a couple of them taking notes, and a few are zoning out (oh well)
Most of the kids actually LOOK interested in what the teacher says, and are paying attention with at least 3/4 of their brain-function. They are QUIET. They are NOT GOOFING OFF. All of the classes have at least semi-attentive students taking notes or registering what the teacher is saying in a little file-cabinet in the back of their brains.

See how the Japanese actually CARE a little bit?
Hell, you stick an American-taught kid, and a Japanese-taught kid,
give them a difficult-ish question.
I wonder who answers correctly...FIRST.
Ding ding ding. Japanese.

Of course I'm going to be at least SEMI interested in a place that I was BORN in.
Most of you have lived in Dallas/Irving/Copell/Kaufman/Terrell/[insert your town] for the vast majority of your life. IF NOT ALL OF IT.
If you were born in Dallas, and then moved to England when you were 5, wouldn't you be interested in American culture?
Of course you would!


Okay, that was a lame argument.
But whatever.


Saturday, November 10, 2007


November 10, 2007

Was amazing. Seriously. Like, beyond amazing.
So was her opening act-Only Son.
He came out, uber drunk. Hillarious. Had a talking iPod (ask me some other time)...yeah, amazing. His music was kinda slow, but I liked it...was very good, I thought.
Regina came out UBER late (Only Son came out about an hour after starting time, and then Regina half an hour to an hour after him) ...yeah, Uber late.
But we didn't care.
She started out with "Aint no cover" ..no introduction, no "hello" she just got up to the mic and sang au capella. 'Twas amazing. I love her voice.
Then she went to the piano and played a few songs including On the Radio, Buildings, Blue Lips, Love Affair, Sailor song, Baby Jesus (Hillarious, seriously and she like--ATE the microphone. Pahaha) and some others. And after every two or three songs she'd say "Thank you" or "Thank you for coming to my show" Seriously, NO ONE in that audience didn'g go "AWW" every time. She's so adorable. Then she got up and played "That Time" and "Bobbin' for Apples" (All the family-like units left after that. I can understand, with lines like "Someone next door is F***ing to one of MY songs" But, seriously. They should have known she isn't kid-friendly. w~) on the bass guitar. They were amazinggreat. Then she went back and played some more songs including Us, Feild Below, Apres Moi, Summer in the City, a dedicated Samson (To her friend Aaron, who isn't alive anymore. But it was his birthday, so she felt it was only right to dedicate to it) and a few that I didn't recognize (I'm still kind of new to her music...whatever) and then she ran off..and everyone was like "NOO~~~" so she came back on and played Ghost of Corporate Future, Chemo Limo, Uh-Merica (We all got to go "UH!" and the lights would go on whilst saying it--so she stopped and said something along the lines of "Omigod! Lights! I CAN SEE YOU!!" She was excited and giggled. It was hillarious) and then a sing-along version of Fidelity (She sped up the ending "And it breaks my heart" since there's like...50billion XD) and then for her finale, she pulled out Only Son and they did an au capella/beat-box version of Hotel Song. Pure Amazing. She even tried to beatbox and started doing some weird car-alarm sounds. It was SO adorable... Seriously. Nyaw~

Haha, and at one point of time, we were all screaming and this guy in the back was like "SHUT THE F*** up!!" And some uber drunk girl near me yelled back something along the lines of 'Why don't you' and finished it with a VERY loud "Thats why your in the F***ing back!!" Regina cracked up. It was so cute. She then said "You know, they say Texans are wild...*crowdcheer*...startin' brawls...gettin' drunk.....(pause) Makin babies..." Now, if you've ever heard her talk, you'd know why this was so freakishly hillarious.
We all cracked up. Amazingx5

I almost bought a T-shirt there, but I realized that if I got it off her site, I can just buy it for like..$10 less on her site. So, I'm gonna do that soonish. XD
I went home and bought all the CD's i didn't have and downloaded all kinds of Lives, so that I could get her un-recorded stuffz. Yush ^^ *arm pump*

Life is amazing.
Equals (=)