Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ten things

December 15, 2007

Ten Things You Want To Say To Ten Different People:
1. God, I'm so grateful we met way back when. As much as you may not realize it, you were a really big part of my growing up over the years. Our friendship was fairly shallow, you came and went--but you just knew how to listen and how to help me when I needed it. Others considered you weird and annoying sometimes, but that was because they never heard you really speak. And I'm so happy I was one of the few you DID speak to...about more than just school. And now I'm really glad we've become more than friends. You're the best I could ever hope for, and I hope I don't screw this up.

2. We haven't known each other a very long time, but you were my first REAL friend at school. I didn't even really realize it till last night, but the friends I -did- hang out with just used me. To be their puppet or guinea pig for experiments. And you really helped show me that I can be more than that. And because of that I've managed to respect myself a little more. You don't realize how much I value our relationship sometimes, but that's o.k. We'll both come to some understanding soon. You're my best friend, and remember, I'm a listener. Vent when you need to k? But stop worrying about your weight! YOU ARE GORGEOUS. >< Gah. I luff you

3. I am SO glad we aren't friends anymore. You used me like a puppet and tested me like an experiment. Our relationship was shallow, but I hung on because, honestly, you were my only friend at the time. I didn't seem to realize until we grew apart how much you hurt me. I was depressed half of last year BECAUSE of you. Because of your lack of acknowledgment and constant disappointment over NOTHING. Thank GOD we aren't to the point where I depend on your approval every day at school anymore. I'm not your clone, and I'm proud.

4. You are possibly the only woman I would go gay for :p. I love you beyond reason and I hope our friendship stays strong. You have a really interesting perspective on life and I love to hear your side of things. And I know you have my back when people are being b**chy, and I have yours.

5. I'm really happy we're friends. I mean, you can be the world's biggest asshole (gomen) sometimes, but you're still cool. And funny. And you make my friends laugh. As maddie said, I think you're a keeper.

6. I love watching you grow up. I mean, you're only 4 1/2, but you're so bloody cute. And I really hope we keep our friendship strong. I want to watch you grow old and have kids. I love you lil' sis.

7. You may not think I appreciate you as much as others, but I appreciate you more. You've raised me to not show my emotions when I'm around you, because they upset you. I've finally figured it out, and try to keep it to myself. But it seems to be backfiring on me, seeing as how you can't see how much I love you. I wish I could find a happy medium.

8. Gah, you're a B****

9. Haha, even though your voice rarely has ANY emotional inflictions, you still make me laugh. You're the weirdest person I know, without even being weird. I love the fact we're friends. You've played a big part in my life for 7 years, and I don't want to stop that.

10. We don't know each other very well, but I value our short friendship. I love to email you and I can't wait until we get each other's pen-letters. I love to read the warmth in your letters, and I know how dedicated you are to your friends. I hope we become really close over the years, and that I can see you sometimes!

Nine Things About Yourself:
1. I watch lips. It's not a sign of disrespect, it's how I learned to speak. I have issues understanding what you're saying if I'm reading your eyes, unless I love you, I trust you, or we're in an interview.
2. I still get nervous on stage. I've been doing it for years, but everyone seems to think I'm a ball of courage. Nope. I melt right after.
3. I'm really selfish sometimes. I'm sorry, but I have my moments in which I really do wish the world revolved around me for 4 or so minutes. And I'm sorry I act that way a lot nowadays. It's what happens when you don't focus on yourself 24/7 for over 5 years.
4. I. Love. Kaufman. If you make fun of my town, my friends or my sometimes-accent, I will BEAT. YOU. DOWN. Never make fun of a small-town girl. I've got a lot of pride. Suck it.
5. I'm freakishly indecisive. Sorry guys.
6. When I get nervous or frustrated, I might cry. Don't worry, it's just letting out emotions. Hug me, though. Even if I tell you not to. Okay? It lets' me know you care.
7. I do believe in God, I just don't shove the bible down everyone's throat like some do.
8. I want to touch as many lives as I can. Even if it is just with a hug when they're down.
9. I love making people happy. I used to be known as a people-pleaser because I devoted my life to that. I realized I can't do that and be happy as well, but if we can compromise, that'd be great :D

Eight Ways To Win My Heart:
2. Care about me
3. Let me be who I want to be. You don't have to like what I like, but let me be myself.
4. Be a true friend. And get ready to hug a lot--it's how I grew up (Smalltowns=lotso'hugs)
5. Don't be afraid to be idiotic or seize the day.
6. Play with my hair, please? :D
7. Don't cheat, don't lie, don't think you can get away with it.
8. Love yourself too

Six Things You Wish You Never Did: (Someone else said 1-6, but I agree)
1. There's no point in wishing I never did something when it's already happened.
2. The past is in the past now.
3. And I do believe it should stay that way.
4. I live in today.
5. Strive for a better future.
6. And never lose sight of myself.
[^^ Stolen from Maddie, thank youuu!)
Five Turn Offs:
1. Being oblivious to things I care about
2. Immaturity.
3. Any signs of being abusive
4. Cheating
5. The whole "Men are better than women" attitude. Pisses me off. D:

Four Turn Ons:
1. Humor
2. Cute smile
3. Groomed.
4. Talent

Three Smileys That Describe Your Life:
1. :D
2. XD
3. D:

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1. Meet some of my heroes
2. Do something important that will be remembered at least by 1 person.

One Confession:
I get bummed out really easily, and I take most of what people say to heart. But I can bounce back quickly if I'm allowed to vent, and listen to my music, and just laugh with friends about boob-sizes (Well, not just that, but it seems to be a reoccuring topic, XDD)

"Anyone can imagine. Only special people can create" ~Me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dinosaurs and Rubber Ducks

November 20, 2007

Fairly pointless "How I am now" blog:

Basically I'm content. Off-and-on sicknesses suck, though.
Jacob has been getting increasingly sicker since about 2 weeks into our relationship. Maybe I'm some kind of virus....o.o
School's going pretty well. I mean, spare the idiotic-ness of certain teachers (who do not need to be named, but are obvious to anyone who knows me...)
I'm doing well grade-wise I think ^^. Ummm
Theatre classes are spare to none...D,: The only one I have is Acting Problems
But that's okay. At least it's Flex, so I'm not going every-other-day with no cluster classes AT ALL.
That would suck...
Working on some more lyrics. I wish I had a more musical mind to put a melody to them.....T.T
Any help is always appreciated. My most recent songs are in this Blog...some aren't posted for personal reasons, others because they've yet to be translated, and others because I'm too lazy to post them :p
I'm doing pretty well in my language studies, I think.
Learning new Japanese phrases/characters pretty much every day (Thank you Zach, Kiwi and others)
I think I've gotten the hang of French
And IPA is ubereasy, and not really a language so.. :)
Only think I wish I could do, right now, is change some relationship statuses that I have.
TOTALLY lost contact with some rather close friends....I wish I could mend them...
I'm not even sure why some people are ignoring me lately.
I mean....I have an idea, but I'm not going to act on it, ya know?
This, honestly, is the most point-lacking blog I've posted.
No rhythm or rhyme....D: Who cares? :o

Just a message to broadcast to the world:
If you're having a problem with me, or have had one that you'd like to fix, please confront me. I (most likely) want to fix it too.
Just tell me, kay?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Painting pretty pictures

November 19, 2007

Wish NOT Fulfilled

If I were a painter
I would a paint away the anger
with pretty flowers
and abstract shapes
and oddly-shaped people
who smile fake smiles
and frown fake frowns
made of charcoal and pencil and ink and paints

If I were a dancer
I would dance to tell a story
of life and death
of reoccurring dreams
and imaginary people
who smile fake smiles
and frown fake frowns
made of wrist-flicks and toe-points and leaps and sashays

If I were a musician
I would write a song so blue
you will cry in spite of you
telling of smoky bars
and silly clowns
and drugs and sobriety
and people who smile fake smiles
and frown fake frowns
made of candies and words and bribes and money

Painting pictures of imaginary things
Dancing dances of imaginary scenes
Singing songs of imaginary friends
Living in my own imaginary world
with people and things that smile fake smiles
and frown fake frowns
made of charcoal and wrist-flicks and money and life.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


November 18, 2007

Okay, so it has come to my attention that a lot of people think that my obsession with Japan is just a phase.
Hell, the fact that I like Japan has, apparently, given some people actual REASON to hate me.
Could someone please tell me the logic in this?

So, to clear the air on certain viewpoints of mine, I'm going to address a few of the more "pressing" (i.e. obvious) reasons behind why certain people dislike my taste. And please, don't tell me something is wrong. Unless I claim it as fact, this is all opinion. Okay? Alright.

1. Japanese Music
There are a few reasons why I like Japanese music better than American music.
For one thing, there really is no "cover" scene.
A lot of today's artists are too *ahem* artistically drained to come up with their own music or lyrics. So, naturally, they take old one-hit-wonders and remix them to make them sound more modern, and with their voice.
I have yet to run across a cover of an earlier Japanese song.
Spare "Requiem" and "Dear...from XXX" But Miyavi was IN the band that performed them first, so, honestly, I think he's an exception (That law goes for any American singers that had done covers of songs from bands they were in)
Also, I like the feel I get from Japanese music. (Rock, not pop) If I were to ask you to listen to "Akuro no Oka" and then had you tell me what you thought the song was about, I bet you would hit it right on the nail. Most of the music that I listen to conveys whatever feeling and message they have through their voice alone. (You don't have to understand the language to know what the singer is trying to say.
It just helps -_^ )
That is rare among American artists. (And don't you dare argue that one.)

2. Fashion
Okay, this one is a given.
Japanese Street-Fashion is BEYOND creative. It entrances me, and captivates me.
It's amazing what these people come up with. It can range from cute to EXCRUCIATINGLY scary. Seriously.
The basic "style" of Japanese Street-fashion IS to have no "style"
So, when you look at me strangely when I walk down the street with clashing patterns, colors and insane hair....remember that I dare to be different.
American Fashion, however, has become VERY stereotyped.
Go to Hot Topic to find the dwindling Gothic clothing, or the ever-growing "scene" style clothing (Honestly, Scene is like a cheap rip-off of Street Fashion, but too afraid to be weird)
Go to A&F or Hollister for the "preppy" style.
Go to Walmart for the "gangsta" style (I'm not kidding, guys.)
Go to Spencers for the "skater" look. If coupled with Hot Topic, you can become "emo" or a toned-down version of "scene"
Am I getting my point across?
Us, as Americans, are lacking in creativity when it comes to fashion. Of course the stuff on the runway can get pretty insane, but who the heck is going to pay $1,000 for a paper-bag dress?

3. School/Education
Here are a couple of stereotypes that we, sadly, fill out in at LEAST a quarter of our classes.
Enter a room full of American students.
What do you see?
That's right. You see kids slouching, paying NO attention to the teacher. Papers EVERYWHERE. Absolutely NO discipline. The teacher has given up on even -trying- to teach, and has retired to his corner to go to check his MYSPACE. The few kids that are attempting to LEARN something are frustrated beyond belief, and are searching relentlessly through their books for answers to questions, whilst the kids around them are screaming and disturbing the few classes that actually CARE.
Enter a room full of Japanese students (This is based on my 2 penpals, gomen if it isn't ALWAYS correct.)
What do you see?
You see kids doing work, studying whilst the teacher is giving a lecture.
You see at LEAST a couple of them taking notes, and a few are zoning out (oh well)
Most of the kids actually LOOK interested in what the teacher says, and are paying attention with at least 3/4 of their brain-function. They are QUIET. They are NOT GOOFING OFF. All of the classes have at least semi-attentive students taking notes or registering what the teacher is saying in a little file-cabinet in the back of their brains.

See how the Japanese actually CARE a little bit?
Hell, you stick an American-taught kid, and a Japanese-taught kid,
give them a difficult-ish question.
I wonder who answers correctly...FIRST.
Ding ding ding. Japanese.

Of course I'm going to be at least SEMI interested in a place that I was BORN in.
Most of you have lived in Dallas/Irving/Copell/Kaufman/Terrell/[insert your town] for the vast majority of your life. IF NOT ALL OF IT.
If you were born in Dallas, and then moved to England when you were 5, wouldn't you be interested in American culture?
Of course you would!


Okay, that was a lame argument.
But whatever.


Saturday, November 10, 2007


November 10, 2007

Was amazing. Seriously. Like, beyond amazing.
So was her opening act-Only Son.
He came out, uber drunk. Hillarious. Had a talking iPod (ask me some other time)...yeah, amazing. His music was kinda slow, but I liked it...was very good, I thought.
Regina came out UBER late (Only Son came out about an hour after starting time, and then Regina half an hour to an hour after him) ...yeah, Uber late.
But we didn't care.
She started out with "Aint no cover" introduction, no "hello" she just got up to the mic and sang au capella. 'Twas amazing. I love her voice.
Then she went to the piano and played a few songs including On the Radio, Buildings, Blue Lips, Love Affair, Sailor song, Baby Jesus (Hillarious, seriously and she like--ATE the microphone. Pahaha) and some others. And after every two or three songs she'd say "Thank you" or "Thank you for coming to my show" Seriously, NO ONE in that audience didn'g go "AWW" every time. She's so adorable. Then she got up and played "That Time" and "Bobbin' for Apples" (All the family-like units left after that. I can understand, with lines like "Someone next door is F***ing to one of MY songs" But, seriously. They should have known she isn't kid-friendly. w~) on the bass guitar. They were amazinggreat. Then she went back and played some more songs including Us, Feild Below, Apres Moi, Summer in the City, a dedicated Samson (To her friend Aaron, who isn't alive anymore. But it was his birthday, so she felt it was only right to dedicate to it) and a few that I didn't recognize (I'm still kind of new to her music...whatever) and then she ran off..and everyone was like "NOO~~~" so she came back on and played Ghost of Corporate Future, Chemo Limo, Uh-Merica (We all got to go "UH!" and the lights would go on whilst saying it--so she stopped and said something along the lines of "Omigod! Lights! I CAN SEE YOU!!" She was excited and giggled. It was hillarious) and then a sing-along version of Fidelity (She sped up the ending "And it breaks my heart" since there's like...50billion XD) and then for her finale, she pulled out Only Son and they did an au capella/beat-box version of Hotel Song. Pure Amazing. She even tried to beatbox and started doing some weird car-alarm sounds. It was SO adorable... Seriously. Nyaw~

Haha, and at one point of time, we were all screaming and this guy in the back was like "SHUT THE F*** up!!" And some uber drunk girl near me yelled back something along the lines of 'Why don't you' and finished it with a VERY loud "Thats why your in the F***ing back!!" Regina cracked up. It was so cute. She then said "You know, they say Texans are wild...*crowdcheer*...startin' brawls...gettin' drunk.....(pause) Makin babies..." Now, if you've ever heard her talk, you'd know why this was so freakishly hillarious.
We all cracked up. Amazingx5

I almost bought a T-shirt there, but I realized that if I got it off her site, I can just buy it for like..$10 less on her site. So, I'm gonna do that soonish. XD
I went home and bought all the CD's i didn't have and downloaded all kinds of Lives, so that I could get her un-recorded stuffz. Yush ^^ *arm pump*

Life is amazing.
Equals (=)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Questions for answers

September 20, 2007

Sinking sun
Gulping water
Breath-taking beauty
Sudden darkness

Pine forest
soft ground
refreshing smells
a new mystery

Questions for answers
Answers for questions
Knowledge isn't everything
Creativity is

Crystal castle
mystic and glowing
a beauty fit for gods
a new adventure

Empty rooms,
spare small galaxies
tastes of ever-lasting knowledge
an amazing story

Questions for answers
Answers for questions
Knowledge isn't everything
Creativity is

The grand room
atop a tall tower
feels smooth to the touch
a grand sight

A crystal vase
inside a rose
within a magic seed
of who you are,
who you were
who you will be
Questions for answers
Answers for questions
Knowledge isn't everything
Creativity is

Inside the seed
I see my past
I hear my future
I feel the present
I taste the possibilities
I smell the success

Questions for answers
Answers for questions
Knowledge isn't everything
Creativity is

~Yet another melody-less song

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


September 11, 2007


You know what's fairly pathetic?

The fact that most of my bulletins are surveys, or asking someone else to help.
And the fact that most of my photos are your generic Myspace Angle Photos....
AND the fact that most of my blogs are rant-raves.

What the hell?

Oh well.

I had fun over the weekend.
First, me and Maddie went to a football game--ended up taking Jacob home (he had no ride) and we all went out to get icecream beforehand.
Took him home. Maddie stayed the night.

Then, on Saturday, we had this KCCT thing going on, so I dragged Maddie and Jacob to it. We all...goofed off *Yeah!* and afterwords, me and Maddie were to go to Danny's party. So, we all went to the mall to find a gift--found the place was closed (D:) but whatever. Jacob was all he-man on us, and opened my evil Hello Tranny camera thing. ^^
Then we dragged HIM to the party too. That was ^^

Then on Suday I saw 1408 with Jacob and Emily.
Awesome movie. I had fun. Even through the part where all you could hear was a heartbeat...u.u


Monday was fine.
Today was OK
Tomorrow will Pwn.
Thursday will be OK
and Friday will be fun ^^

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


August 1, 2007

Alright, so I was in Jillian's room...
Looking for something cute to cuddle *i.e. stuffed animal* because I'm bored/lonely in my boring room.

I went in there singing "Piko pikopiko piko pikopiko pikoooori!"
....found one and left.

I decided the one I got was too stiff, so I went back in, looked on the dresser and

BAM I realized the baby monitor had been on the entire time.
I'm just hoping to dear God that Dad dismisses it as a dream.



That's my story!

~Ugly Duckling~
Little bird with only one wing
Trying to fly?
How silly.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Utterly Disappointed In Myself

July 27, 2007

Beware, utterly stupid fangirl-esque post going on... bleh

Okay, Bou has been gone since April 30th, the decision was made before that.
I knew that.
I didn't accept it at first, but I have.

Yet, I'm crying.
I read all of the members' take on his leave.
I can't comprehend the pain they each felt.
Some more than others, of course,
but Bou's last entries were nothing but "Keep smiling, your support keeps me going" and "Your smile is energizing to me, I cannot wait to see your smiles, I will do my best to reach perfection on that stage" etc....I'm amazed at his courage.
And the members' strength,
they all were a family, and just lost a member.
It hurt them so bad, yet they were so courageous, I'm proud of them.

Why am I crying though? It already happened!

Whatever, I've got to stop wallowing in the past...and embrace the future of my beloved bands!
And my own! CROWNx WILL PREVAIL! Hahaha

Honestly, I actually support Yuuki and Takuya, the poor guys have had nothing but sh*t since they joined. Yes, Yuuki isn't the prettiest thing on the planet, but you shouldn't judge his skill based on that.

Many say Yuuki is not needed, but if you listen to all of their old music, nearly every song has keyboard-music in it, they just didn't have a set one. Now, they do.
Give the guy a chance, okay?

And Takuya, he's been accepted a lot faster than Yuuki, probably because he is cute ^^.
I understand why you may dislike him--he's replacing Bou,
but give him, and Yuuki a break.
They're both like, 19! So young!
Don't crush their dreams just yet!


I'm stopping now.
Byebye, Nyappy

Monday, July 23, 2007


July 23, 2007

maichou ni, okite, okite
Go through routines so familiar, so comforting
sekai e mukou mae ni, "mask" wo kazukete
A mask that shows the world, not who we are, but who they want us to be.
Who "They" are, we never really know.
hibi no reiten wo shikakete-
Walking, riding, learning, teaching, yelling, screaming,
laughing, crying, eating, walking, riding,
Resting. Resting. nemuri.
aru hi, saikuringu ruuchin chuu ni, nanka ga kaeru
dare ka to deatte?someone special, [someone special.]
mata atte? planned this time.
yukkuri mask wo nugou to shite, tokubetsunin wo miseru tame ni
hontou no anta wo. True you
jikan ga tatsu ni tsurete, itami de, mask wo nuide,
mata no wo mitsukete
mata no wo
mata no wo
mask ga kowaretakara, tokubetsunin wo oshinokete
itami de, kowareta mask de, nigedashite.
asa ni, okite, okite
Go through routines so familiar, so comforting
sekai e mukou mae ni, saki no"mask" wo kazukete
kowareta, kudakareta, sloppily fixed
hibi no reiten wo shikakete mite-
Walking, riding, learning, crying, teaching, crying, yelling, screaming
crying, laughing, eating, walking, riding, crying. Resting. Resting.
kurushimeta nemuri.
tokubetsu no hito ga kaette kite,
yougu wo motte, ryouchi yougu wo
tokubetsunin, yasashiku mask wo nugasete
sarawareta. jiyuu na.

~The song without a melody.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Writing a Scene in ten minutes or less

May 21, 2007

XD my little group had to write a scene in like...8 minutes using certain given phrases, and Elisibethian language. We wrote it super-fast, so it's all disconnected and totally cheezy. But I -had- to post it.

The group was: Me, Freddy, Raphy, and Phillip. Woot.


King is sitting at a dirty table, obviously just eaten an large feast, he gets up and burps. King and Queen begin to dance across stage, while the Servant cleans up the mess. OK/Drunkard (Who is dressed in a heavy cloak, hard to see his face) bumbles in hiccuping and drunk. The music and dancing ends just as Drunkard stumbles into an akward court bow.

QUEEN: My, a lovlier dancer dost not exist.
DRUNKARD: His better doth not breath upon the earth.
SERVANT: (to Queen) Shall I fetch your stuff from the Shipboard?
QUEEN: Yes, Pray you do.
DRUNKARD: Excuse us, dear lady, I beg a moment with the King (hiccup)
(Queen bows and scurries off.)
KING: What dost thou want from me?
DRUNKARD: Your kingdom...for my Swiftest Steed.
KING: My Kingdom for a HORSE?! Thou art no more than a drunkard fool!
DRUNKARD: Do you bite your thumb at me sir?
KING: Who are you but a bumbling idiot? How dare you insult the King with such a question!
DRUNKARD: (takes off cloak) I am King of the neighboring land-Yor! And I -will- have your kingdom! (proceeds to take out sword)
King and Drunkard (now Other King, or OK) unsheeth their swords and proceed into a clumbsy swordfight, though it is obvious neither has really used a sword in combat. After a few bumbling moves, the OK knocks the King's sword out of his hand. As the King tries to get up and run to UL, OK grabs King's sword and closes in on King. King is now UL, back facing off-stage. OK stage-stabs King and King falls backwards, landing backstage--unseen. Just as OK stage-stabs King, Servant enters. She screams as King falls. Queen Enters. As Queen Enters, OK covers self with cloak again.)
QUEEN: What is all this noise? (sees King, yelps)
OK: The servant girl, she has killed the King!
SERVANT: Thou art a liar, I've done nothing.
QUEEN: Dist thou not kill the king?
OK: She lies! I witnessed his death with thine own eyes!
KING: I am a ghost, and am invisible. Soon my Queen will know the truth.
QUEEN: She must be punished!
OK: Allow me, Kind Queen!
SERVANT: Thou shalt not kill me! For you are the King's Killer!
KING: I hope she trusts the servant's truth. (King moves towards Queen and taps her on the shoulder)
QUEEN: (Sensing the King) A moment, sir. I wish to see your face. (begins to pull off cloak)
QUEEN: King of Yor!?
KING: Another peice of the truth has been revealed!
SERVANT: Dear Queen, I would never tell you wrong! This is the killer!
QUEEN: I have known that thou wanted the kingdom, but to go to such lengths--
OK: Most gracious, accomplished lady, the hevens rain odours upon thee!
QUEEN: Your words will do you no good. As the King's killer, you shall be punished. You are to be sent to the dungeons for the remainder of your life!
(Queen and Servant both begin to take OK down to the "dungeon" offstage, as they are walking, King moves DC, and proceeds to give a final speech)
KING: Thus ends the story of my death. The King of Yor lost his mind in the dungeons, and the Queen remarried to lead a successful Kingdom. But that's a different story.

Bold was either given lines, or a given movement or sort of 'circumstance'

Woo bad writing!

Friday, April 27, 2007

So What?

April 27, 2007

So what?
So what if my hair is over my eye?
So what if I wear baggier pants than all the boys?
So what if I prefer to wear boxers?
So what if I don't do anything to my hair?
So what if I don't wear the lastest trends?
So what if I don't flaunt my body through my clothing?
I've got a mind.
I've got a mouth.
And I've every right to use them both.
And since we live in America,
That means you do too.
But just because you have one,
doesn't mean you have to use it.
Think idiot.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm in love with a Pokemon Duck

March 17, 2007

If only

If only the world stopped spinning
If only the skys weren't blue
If only the wind stopped blowing
If only, if only
If only the water stops flowing
If only the clouds didn't move
If only the grass was purple
If only, if only
If only the world stopped
For only a moment
What would happen to us?
What would happen to all of us?
Living on this planet,
that may stop at any time...
If only, if only

Wow, that didn't make much sense...
OH well, it's 6 AM now...

Sheesh, I should really get to bed eh?

Mandi: And everytime he sees a lantern, he thinks he's gonna die...but he usually doesn't...
Erica: Um...Mandi...*laughs*.
Mandi: Oh *laughs*