Thursday, June 11, 2009

A day with Jillian.

"How do you spell Spencer?"
Spell it out.






No, there's an N.

No, there's an N!



No, you had the ending right at first.

No, you had the ending RIGHT at first.

No, you need an E before the R.



What makes the "ER" sound?


But what comes before the R?


No....what came before the R the first time you wrote it?


Yeah. E-R. ER.

"Okay, so it's Specern?"



--Thus is the life of babysitting a child who refused to read until this year, because she had to for school.


Of course, this week hasn't been totally horrible.
I mean, we've had fun.
She just got me in a horrible mood this morning because she woke me up after a nightmare...toooo eaarrrlllyyy


Monday: Made finger puppets, lots of activities, 1.5 hours of "school" :O
Tuesday: Made a sun, which is currently on the fridge, more "school"
Wednesday: Made a fan, more encouragement to play by herself
Today: We're going to make bunny ears, and play on the excersize machine and....hopefully more solitary activities for herrrr.
Tomorrow: NO IDEA. DEATH?

Monday, June 8, 2009

I have this uncontrollable craving

For some good, steamed, sticky white rice.
So bad.
Or some Onigiri.
I've never craved something that I've considered so bland before
I think it's some sort of sign...
but what nutritional value is rice?
(Did you know: You crave what your body requires? Only when you are craving junk food are you going through something hormonal, and it is not healthy to act on that! Ex. Craving chicken might mean a lack of protein in your body!)
I guess that means I'm missing one of these things in my current diet:
Potassium, Vitamin(s) B, Thiamin or Niacin.
My guess: Potassium :O


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Isn't it a fun feeling

When you realize that you and your best friend of nearly four years are drifting apart?
No, it doesn't hurt as much as the day you realized your best friend of 8 years has moved on.
Nor does it hurt as much as the realization that you aren't as cracked up as you thought you were.
No. But it still hurts.
A lot.
I love that she's having fun.
And I love that she has friends other than me...but as the days dwindle by, I've discovered that my 'friendship-circle' can I put I've got her...and the people I know through her. And then the few that I know outside of her--the Entertainers and con-kids.
But I haven't gotten the satisfaction of friendship out of most of those kids. I love them, yes. But we will never stay up until 3 am, eating ramen and playing the world's longest game of Mario Carnival (god, 50 rounds was wayyy too long).
I miss that.
I miss us.
And when I see that you've been out having fun with the people I thought of as friends, too...when I wasn't invited...when I'm being "pushed out," as one slightly psycho child said last year ;)
Yeah, it hurts.
I s'pose I'll have to stand on my own two feet now.
I'll make some more friends.
But I don't think I can share the bond we've forged with anyone else...not for a while.
Not until I have another identity crisis at 30 (Teehee)
I mean, honestly? You're what got me through Freshman year.
And most of Sophomore year.
I guess this year was us establishing that we are both independant women.
I'll try to stay here....I'll wait here....
Just don't let what happened to you and your not-best-friend-anymore of 7 years happen to us, okay? (I don't think either of us are psycho enough to do that anymore)

I luff you with two x's, even if I don't get to see you as often.
I luff everyone in the "chill group" even if I'm not invited to the more recent chills.
Even if I've been forgotten within the group.
It's okay.
I'll move on.
I just want you to know that I luff you.
And I miss you guys.

Well, that was an emo-esque post if I ever saw one.
I gotta get back to being a happy kid...doing my psych homework (;>.>)
Ja mattane....(sp?)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Makeup tutorial tiem!
This tutorial is to achieve "Anime eyes" or "Doe eyes"
The whole point is to open up the eyes and make them seem more wider-set to achieve the "Doe Eyed" look :)

First, your materials. (Not pictured, Mascara)

You'll want to start with a clean face! No make-up on at all. Pull hair back to avoid scragglies falling into your eyes! (excuse the doofy hat, I couldn't find a headband and my hair won't pull back because it's too short)

Start with base :) (I use both powder AND base, but it is up to you)
Here is my powder. This creates the "airbrush" effect.

I use a large brush to cover more while using less. (I look really bad here)

Next, eyeliner. I use MAC products, but you can use whatever you prefer.

Start somewhere in the middle and work your way out. Then come back in to the corner of your eye and go over the line you've already made. Extend the line out past your eyes to make a cat-eye look. This makes your eyes seem wider-set.

My eye finished, open.

What the line ought to look like when your eye is closed.
Here are both of my eyes done-eye liner only.

Using white eye-liner, line the inside of the bottom of your eye...the 'water line'
This is safe, so long as your eyeliner is clean.

Finished with step two :)

Here is a close-up. The use of white liner here creates a wide-eyed look. You're almost done!

Now, using a white eye-shadow, dab in the inside corners of your eyes.
More "widening" is created using this technique.

Next, using an angled brush (a regular brush would not work) and some dark shadow...
Line UNDER your lash-line. This will make the white you used to line your eyes more definitive, and from a little distance, your 'wide-eyed' look is much more natural.

If you're like me, and you weren't blessed with a natural almond-look, you can create the illusion by using the dark shadow and the angle brush on the corner of your eye, extending it a LITTLE towards your nose. This is more of a shaping thing than anything else. It's also optional. I've always done this, because I like the resulting shape. This may not work for everyone else.

Here's a close-up of the shadow under the line. See how it is defined? (Left: before extension, Right: after extension)

Next, the un-mentioned mascara! Your lashes will likely be standing out like sore thumbs, so this will blend them into the liner you've created. :)

Now, I'm as pale as a ghost, so I like to use a little bit of blush to create a effect. Otherwise, I look like Sunako* with light hair!

Finally, using a q-tip and your liquid base, fix any mistakes you may have made.
Smudges you can't get or areas you see un-covered. Like my urgly pimples :(

Finished product! Wide-eyed and ready to go!
(I used a little bit of red lipstick and some powder to give my lips some color, but not too much)


*Sunako is a character from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge by Hayakawa Tomoko. This manga is also known as "Perfect Girl Evolution," "My Fair Lady," and most popularly, "The Wallflower"
I am referring to the main character, Sunako Nakahara, who is notorious for being pale and "ghost-like"

I've been flooding my wall

On facebook with utterly nonsensical prattle to anyone who is not here with me now.
I'm reading a manga that I found a year or so ago (I can't afford to buy the manga often and I discovered it is online!) called Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Otherwise known as Wallflower or Perfect Girl Evolution). The translater changed out around volume 8, and this new translator makes lots of little notes on the side including translation for the sfx (the little words that are not part of diologue but are, instead an action-sound). I've discovered that I can read a good deal of the sfx without help, but the ones that I don't recognize I look at the side-note, and then figure out what each symbol stands for by double-checking in my NJStar Japanese Word Processor. (i.e. Hiya-- was double-checked because I did not remember what the symbol for "hi" looked like the symbol for pi, so I tested that out, and then I typed in 'bi' and 'hi' to figure out which one it was, as they share the base symbol). Anyway, I've been getting confused on a few including (but not limited to) the not-translated ya u n was how it was written out--big spaces between the letters--, moya meaning "don't look" and what have you.
I'm sort of proud of my sudden ability to actually recognize the hiragana and only having to 'test' my knowledge on what the characters are every few sfx's.
I'm not sure if this was a bragging post or an apologetic post, so I'll make it both.
I'm sorry that I've flooded your walls with my prattle ;)
I'm proud that I can read a little!