Tuesday, September 11, 2007


September 11, 2007


You know what's fairly pathetic?

The fact that most of my bulletins are surveys, or asking someone else to help.
And the fact that most of my photos are your generic Myspace Angle Photos....
AND the fact that most of my blogs are rant-raves.

What the hell?

Oh well.

I had fun over the weekend.
First, me and Maddie went to a football game--ended up taking Jacob home (he had no ride) and we all went out to get icecream beforehand.
Took him home. Maddie stayed the night.

Then, on Saturday, we had this KCCT thing going on, so I dragged Maddie and Jacob to it. We all...goofed off *Yeah!* and afterwords, me and Maddie were to go to Danny's party. So, we all went to the mall to find a gift--found the place was closed (D:) but whatever. Jacob was all he-man on us, and opened my evil Hello Tranny camera thing. ^^
Then we dragged HIM to the party too. That was just...fun ^^

Then on Suday I saw 1408 with Jacob and Emily.
Awesome movie. I had fun. Even through the part where all you could hear was a heartbeat...u.u


Monday was fine.
Today was OK
Tomorrow will Pwn.
Thursday will be OK
and Friday will be fun ^^

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