Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just a little rant

July 31, 2008

Many people claimed to dislike Brokeback Mountain for multiple reasons.
I find the most aggravating reason to be Jack and Ennis's "Too-Quick relationship."
Many find the...ahem Love-Tent scene to be completely random, and see it as a rather odd jump from just two guys ranching to their know.

BUT If you actually paid attention throughout the opening (Yes, it's long. Get over it), You'd see hints leading up to the point.

1. Jack seemed to be looking Ennis up and down when they first met. He had the whole "I wanna but...I need to meet him...but I'm nervous...let's impress him" air about him. Maybe it was just me, but that's what I read off of his body-language in the VERY FIRST SCENE.

2. A bit more obvious now, Jack tries to get to know Ennis in his own quirky ways. Telling stories about growing up and almost making their life-stories a competition in the bar. That's ...what the second scene"?

3. It isn't uncommon for men to get lonely during the 3 or 4 months away from home.

4. In the Tent scene, after Ennis comes in from the freezing cold, Jack eventually pulls Ennis' hand over his body. At first it seems innocent, until they both bolt up. Then you see Jack (and his ever-building sexual tension) basically attach Ennis.
After some aggressive fidgeting, Jack gets straight to business, pulling Ennis along with him.

5. In a much later scene, when the two boys are meeting up, it is implied by Ennis that Jack was gay (or at the very least interested in men in some way or another) before Ennis even met him. Though, I admit, Jack claimed to have been Straight near the beginning, it is obvious his feelings are a bit different towards this cowboy.

That was a lame argument for my side.
But I saw Jack as gay before I even knew he was.
Or at least, I saw he was interested in Ennis for more than just a buddy-pal relationship.

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