Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just a little blurb

About the Apps I have on my iPhone :D
I'm not going to include the ones that -come- with the Phone such as notes, stocks, SMS, etc

Here's what I've got (and a blurb on what it does)
SMBC ( It's more of a bookmark than an app
Explosm ( Same
QC ( Same
Apple Geeks ( Saaame
Wasted Talent (
Myspace (An actual app! Easier to navigate than the mobile website)
Facebook (Nice app. I dislike how I can't check group updates, photos etc)
Twitteriffic (TWITTER. It's good. Go follow me:
BeamMe (I can send my 'card' to anyone)
Sextuple Word Lite (Word scramble game. Timed, and my favorite app to boot)
Fingerific (A 3-finger challenge that tests reflexes)
Sally's Salon (Very fun game, like Diner Dash but hair instead of food)
Mancala (Self explanitory)
BubbleWrap (Timed popping of bubblewrap. My friends like to team up and beat my score)
iSoda (One of two paid apps on here. Amusing sight trick)
Bubbles (Silly. End of story)
FreePiano (Tiny piano that helps me find pitches when I'm not near a piano and am reading music)
Metronome (Self explanitory)
Sol Free (Solitare. More than 3 types of solitare to play)
HJ Lite (Japanese-learning ebook-thing. Easy to use, and I'm relearning Hiragana as we speak)
Phozi (Photobooth-like app. I can put stamps and frames etc)
Shotgun Free (Uses accelorametor to load and shoot a gun with silly sound fx)
iBonzai (Grow bonzais with nice music. Very zen)
iZen Lite (One of those rock gardens)
Sound Box (A remote-looking app that works as a soundfx machine)
Wallpapers (By the folks who do the stuff for Gelaskins. Very awesome)
Shazam (Tags songs)
HearTest (App that tests your hearing capabilities. Pretty awesome)
Pandora (Self explanitory)
Photo Daily (Photo editor)
GraphCalc (Graphing calculator. Useful for Precal homework ;) )
QuickVoice (Voice memo deal-y)
RDP (Remote Desktop thing)
Tap Tap (Like DDR for your fingers)
Cube Runner (Minimal graphics--dodge-the-boxes game)
Hanoi (That game where you move 3 rings to the other side of the screen, without putting bigger rings on top of smaller ones)
IFound (Adds my name and a secondary number should I lose my phone)
Wallpaper Labeler (Another thing that does what IFound does)
iJiggles (Sort of like wobble, but free)
AIM (self explanitory)
Zippo Lighter (uses accelorametor to strike, light and 'burn' things with the zippo)
Take me to my car (What it says)
B.Button (Benjamin Button ebook)
Grimm Tales (Collection of Grimm stories)
Romance (Collection of Classic Romance novels)
Classics (....)
TheSecret (The Secret Garden ebook)
WikiTap (Wikipedia/dictionary/other web sources thing)
reMoveem free (Blocks-like game)
MatchFree (Matching game)
DressChica (For my stepsister, it's a dress up game)
SeeChange (Nifty, but useless see-the-difference game)
PopPopPop (Pop a bubble, then pop the smaller ones from it, then the smaller ones, etc until they're gone)
B. Touch Lite (haven't played it yet. I suspect it's another blocks game)

:D That's it!

If you have an iPhone, suggest some of your favorites or discuss one of the ones I've posted!


Braden said...

Agiahwr! I wish I had an iPhone! Darn Verizon.

But supposedly Verizon is the next carrier to get licensed for the iPhone, and it's supposed to happen either June '09 or June '10.

And I've never understood how to play Mancala. But I guess I've never really tried to understand. :<

Tsuki said...

Well that's awesome, though!
:D Share the Apple love, ne?

XD Mancala is one of the easiest games on here! Along with "card match" or whatever the game is called...I just call it "matching"