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Like, pure...'wow.'
A little over six months ago, I posted on this poor, neglected blog...

A little over six months ago, I still had an inkling of a life (haha).
And a little under six months ago, I experienced the absolute best summer of my life at Perry-Mansfield. I was surrounded by so much creativity--so much talent--I remembered why I wanted to be an actress in the first place. No kiddin'

So, what's up?
Hmm, so where to begin?
Senior year~That sounds about right.
Senior year started a day before my birthday, and it was busy from the get-go.
I was thrown head-first into the tech-world of theatre; I joined the school's Light Brigade (Advanced Lighting-we design, hang, strike and basically control all aspects of light in pretty much every show that is put up within our school building's walls....that's over 35 performances-not including the senior-run productions). I also discovered I was out-of-shape thanks to a birthday-whoopin' in African Dance. (But I got my mojo back, no worries!)
I also did an out-of-school production of Calamity Jane at Rockwall Community Playhouse-that was a fun adventure...I got my first Choreographer credit!!
I also have an internship at the Dallas Theatre Center through our audition-only class "Advanced Acting" taught by Lisa Holland and Kevin Moriarity (
And, to top it off, I've joined the Mock Trial team (again, I know ;p) and have thus given up all chances of having a life for my lovely senior year.

How do I do it all? (Lol, I'm not that self-centered)
Let's see, I'll outline a daily schedule (if my description didn't get you a-quakin' in your boots)
Monday: Arrive at school around 7:45 to begin Senior Direct (10 minute plays) with the lovely Elizabeth. I'm performing as "Jordan" in Lakyn Carlton's Addict. School from 8:55-4:10. 4:30-6:30 is African Dance Ensemble. After 6:30, it's either an hour-drive home, or off to my internship at DTC.
Tuesday: Rinse and repeat, skipping the final two steps. Add a healthy dose of Mock Trial meeting until 6:30, follow with intern hours or home. Optional: Tuesday-morning Production Meeting regarding Utopia (will explain later)
Wednesday: Substitute "Senior Direct" with "Mock Trial" early morning, repeat. Replace after-school Mock Trial with African Dance, finish per usual.
Thursday: Follow Tuesday's schedule, "optional" is not available.
Friday: Repeat Wednesday morning to afternoon schedule. After-school is replaced with home or intern hours.
Saturday: 2-6/10-3/whatever-Mock Trial
Sunday: FREEDOM?!?! (A. No.)

Where does homework fit in all of this?
Who knows XD

What's coming up:
Utopia is the school's Mime production for the spring. The reason I'm attending production meetings is because (drum roll please!) I am the light designer!
I know, all of you are thinking "Woo...mimes?" But this is a serious leap in difficulty. Cues are based off of motions and entrance/exits, rather than lines. Also, there's no 'script' for me to write the cues in...I literally watch and go..."Hmm, this should change? Okay....*figures out* BAM!" Also, for a person who is currently taking her first Beginning Lights and Sound class (along side her Advanced Lighting class-a happy mistake), this is a pretty big leap. Usually it takes a year (or at least a full semester) before students are designing shows. Yay! (Totally selfish sounding...but, give me a break!)
Addict is a ten-minute play written by fellow senior, Lakyn Carlton, and directed by Elizabeth Berkman (also a senior).
Rehearsals are bound only to morning rehearsals (which is craaazy!), but luckily we got the show with three characters (not to mention it's really naturalistic and well- written..Thanks Lakyn!), so we may all need to be together for every rehearsal, but we also have less people to coordinate with :D Sadly, this is the last week of rehearsals as we are opening Thursday (5 o'clock, Friday at 7). BUT that also means I will be able to sleep in until about 7:15 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays!
Mock Trial
Mock trial is just now slipping into high gear, since the competition is looming SO CLOSE (we can almost taste it). This year's case is a little goofy, and very unbalanced...but I have faith in our team! (Once we get around stupid drama, we'll be even better!) Huzzah!
Sadly, Mock Trial has been dictating three of my week-days and one of the weekend-days. And once we get to winter break (Next Friday) we'll be having a BUNCH of rehearsals during weekdays which means...bye bye break!
School is getting randomly difficult (what happened to cruising through Senior year?!)
With Psychology AP, Economics AP, English IV AP, and French II I honestly don't get a day devoid of some type of homework. Be it an outline of a chapter, new flash-cards, a packet, vocabulary, ORB's, essays and research....NO TIEM FOR MES ><
Happily, I can say that all I need to do to finish my applications is to send in my Transcripts (and a couple of teacher recommendations), and I'm pretty much done applying. I've auditioned for a few that I'm interested in,and the remaining few will be finished during Chicago Unifieds (catch me there, yo!) Glad to say I've finished coughing up
upwards of $200 in application fees and audition scheduling fees. (Not including $300 on plane tickets--HIGHWAY ROBBERY, GUYS--and the $40 [after roomie-split] for hotel). blughubluglubhlughubuhug....><

So what will you do now?
Survive, I guess?
Haha, don't get me wrong.
I LOVE being busy. Absolutely Love lOve loVe lovE LOVE being busy. I mean, shoot. How many of these things did I volunteer myself for? (A. Almost all of them). My only complaint?
While everyone else is getting swine-flu, my body is going 300 miles a minute to keep me afloat. While that keeps me out of the doctor's office, that does keep me underslept and running on Empty a majority of the time. Not to mention the HORRID crash I experience on those few days of freedom (i.e. sleep). For example, I missed school this morning because my body quit on me once it heard that my Production Meeting and Senior-Direct rehearsals were canceled the night before. I woke up with an ache-y tummy, a headache and a serious case of sleep-deprived-blues.

Who do I love?
Mr. Gavitt for teaching me all the stuff I needed to know about light programming and hanging in the first two weeks of school.
Rena for being an awesome partner.
Toni for being a great mentor.
Elizabeth for being so patient with my idiotic schedule.
DTC for allowing me to have flexible hours.
My scene-partners for working with my schedule also.
All of my lunch buddies for letting me vent my frustrations to you.
Sara for being there ALWAYS.
Mia for being my sista' from another mista'.
Showcase for teaching me the absolute necessity of time management.
EVERYONE for being so positive and pushing/encouraging me to NOT die in the early months of senior year.

At least for Arts Kids, whoever said Senior Year was a breeze was lying to you.
Manage time now. Be involved now. Listen to your 'elders,' since we're the ones going through it RIGHT. NOW. It'll pay off in the end.
Also, if you're considering Unifieds next year, put your money aside now...every extra dollar or bit of loose change will definitely help you, since undoubtedly the prices will rise (since they have been every day) and once you find a good deal TOTALLY GO FOR IT. It will raise. I swears to you!!! O>O;

I hope that caught you up!

So, recap:
I'm way too busy for my own good.
It's almost all voluntary (silly me).
I definitely want to do this for a living.
I love my friends :3


Tsuki Smith

(ps. I need to update my profile photo. I definitely have long, brown-red hair ;3)

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