Friday, July 27, 2007

Utterly Disappointed In Myself

July 27, 2007

Beware, utterly stupid fangirl-esque post going on... bleh

Okay, Bou has been gone since April 30th, the decision was made before that.
I knew that.
I didn't accept it at first, but I have.

Yet, I'm crying.
I read all of the members' take on his leave.
I can't comprehend the pain they each felt.
Some more than others, of course,
but Bou's last entries were nothing but "Keep smiling, your support keeps me going" and "Your smile is energizing to me, I cannot wait to see your smiles, I will do my best to reach perfection on that stage" etc....I'm amazed at his courage.
And the members' strength,
they all were a family, and just lost a member.
It hurt them so bad, yet they were so courageous, I'm proud of them.

Why am I crying though? It already happened!

Whatever, I've got to stop wallowing in the past...and embrace the future of my beloved bands!
And my own! CROWNx WILL PREVAIL! Hahaha

Honestly, I actually support Yuuki and Takuya, the poor guys have had nothing but sh*t since they joined. Yes, Yuuki isn't the prettiest thing on the planet, but you shouldn't judge his skill based on that.

Many say Yuuki is not needed, but if you listen to all of their old music, nearly every song has keyboard-music in it, they just didn't have a set one. Now, they do.
Give the guy a chance, okay?

And Takuya, he's been accepted a lot faster than Yuuki, probably because he is cute ^^.
I understand why you may dislike him--he's replacing Bou,
but give him, and Yuuki a break.
They're both like, 19! So young!
Don't crush their dreams just yet!


I'm stopping now.
Byebye, Nyappy

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