Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A blog to the boozers

August 12, 2008

You just need a splash of ice-water and a slap in the face.
How slow can you get, darling?
You party too much for your own good, drink underage, and apparently get yourself into a lot of trouble when you're drunk.
In other words, I've seen way too many posts about how people should "Disregard Photos From Last Night" and how you have a killer hangover.
Hours later you'll post about how you're upset at how your life is falling apart, why you woke up next to that guy, how no one takes you seriously anymore.
Do you think it could have a connection to the partying?
Because as far as I'm aware, that seems to be your only problem.
You're pretty, and when you're not out being Miss Party, you're a pretty cool person.
Maybe you should stop and think for a bit, and chill on the booze and parties.
Maybe you'll be sober enough to fix whatever's going on that's making your life so miserable, and you won't have any more incriminating photos following you around.
If you can't last a night without parties and booze, you are officially a teenage-alcoholic. And that disgusts me.
And if you're going to continue with this habit, I don't think I can be your friend, though we never were in the first place, were we?
Chill out, and think it through.
Maybe a week without boozing would do you good,
otherwise, get help from a professional, not your myspace friends, since I'm sure they're the ones who took those nasty photos of you in the first place.

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