Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love my dollfie

August 12, 2008

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And dollfies in general.
For one, she's gorgeous. I don't care how "creepy" you think she is, it's the fact that she does look so human and alive that makes her so appealing to me.
She's also a great creative outlet. I can give her whatever backstory, personality and history I feel, and since she is a doll, I can change it at will.
I can make her into different people. People I hate and people I love, or just a mini-me. And I have already begun on a line of clothing for her, which, if I get bored of, I can sell on DOA.
Also, the fanbase of Dollfies is comprised of people from all over the world, of many races and personality types. I get to know people from Norway who have a Bobobie Isabella while chatting it up with the girl who lives in an apartment in Dallas. And many cities and towns all over the world hold things known as "Doll-Meets" where collectors bring one (or all) of their dollfies to have a "playdate" while getting to know other collectors in the area. It's something we can all relate to, talk about and even make a profit on.

And before you put me down for being a teen who still plays with a doll, talk to the 40 year old buisnesswoman who practically has an army of 20. Or even the 19 year old college student studying chemical engineering, or maybe you'd like to speak to the 70 year old who treasures her dolls as though they were her babies.
Doll collecting has no age boundries, right? So why should becoming creative about the beautiful peice of resin you bought have a boundry?
I mean, we all played with Barbies or GI Joe's at one point of time in our life, why must we stop now?

That was a lame argument.
But I wasn't addressing anything that's been said to me outside of "She's weird"
So poop.

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