Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New tattoo!

It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, which is nice.
But it definitely huuurrtt.
Luckily I had a couple of really awesome friends there who made it a lot more bearable.
Also, Ice cream afterwards didn't hurt anyone XD

So, I made an FB album of the process.
Here ya go!

For the curious few:
When I say it hurt, imagine a bunch of tiny rubberbands slapping you. Many, many times.
You know how it burns and stings more as you progress? Yeah.
And the closer to the tender part of my chest (the bottom of the last hirigana and the closing quotation (looks like a bracket) mark felt like a legitimate burn.
My tip? Talking helped me. I talked quickly and without breathing (XD) about fish and colorful things and stupid professors and anything my Roommate, friend and I could think of. Eventually all we were saying is "ICE CREAM SOON." "It's almost done!" "Omigod really?"
It helped distract me from the pain.
Also, I squeezed the crap out of my roomie's hand. (Thanks, Ange!) :D

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