Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tattoo Blog

A few years ago (maybe 4?) I decided that I wanted a tattoo.
I had an idea of what I wanted (ganbatte or ganbare in hiragana), but I had no idea when I would get it, how I wanted it to look or where I would want it.

Last year I began thinking about getting it on my'd be visible, and easy to hide under long-sleeved things or thick wristbands.

I decided that's tacky a year later.

Having finally turned 18, I've decided it's high time I get this tattoo I've wanted since...freshman year in high school.

SO, come August, I began my more intense research.
I looked up how-tos on aftercare, I watched videos, I searched and asked questions on tattooing forums, I asked tattoo'd friends questions about the process, the aftermath and how they feel about their tattoos. I set a place I want the tattoo. I designed my tatttoo. I looked up portfolios of local artists, I asked more friends about said artists. I visited parlours; I scheduled a meeting with the artist I wanted. I looked at pictures of nasty, nasty infections. I looked at pictures of old people with tattoos. I looked up screwed up tattoos. I looked up femme tattoos; I looked up step-by-step guides for the process and aftercare. I looked up accounts from other first-time tattooers.

So. Every day I'm going to post about the process and what's happening to me/my tattoo.

Day one: 7 hours until tattoo.

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