Saturday, November 10, 2007


November 10, 2007

Was amazing. Seriously. Like, beyond amazing.
So was her opening act-Only Son.
He came out, uber drunk. Hillarious. Had a talking iPod (ask me some other time)...yeah, amazing. His music was kinda slow, but I liked it...was very good, I thought.
Regina came out UBER late (Only Son came out about an hour after starting time, and then Regina half an hour to an hour after him) ...yeah, Uber late.
But we didn't care.
She started out with "Aint no cover" introduction, no "hello" she just got up to the mic and sang au capella. 'Twas amazing. I love her voice.
Then she went to the piano and played a few songs including On the Radio, Buildings, Blue Lips, Love Affair, Sailor song, Baby Jesus (Hillarious, seriously and she like--ATE the microphone. Pahaha) and some others. And after every two or three songs she'd say "Thank you" or "Thank you for coming to my show" Seriously, NO ONE in that audience didn'g go "AWW" every time. She's so adorable. Then she got up and played "That Time" and "Bobbin' for Apples" (All the family-like units left after that. I can understand, with lines like "Someone next door is F***ing to one of MY songs" But, seriously. They should have known she isn't kid-friendly. w~) on the bass guitar. They were amazinggreat. Then she went back and played some more songs including Us, Feild Below, Apres Moi, Summer in the City, a dedicated Samson (To her friend Aaron, who isn't alive anymore. But it was his birthday, so she felt it was only right to dedicate to it) and a few that I didn't recognize (I'm still kind of new to her music...whatever) and then she ran off..and everyone was like "NOO~~~" so she came back on and played Ghost of Corporate Future, Chemo Limo, Uh-Merica (We all got to go "UH!" and the lights would go on whilst saying it--so she stopped and said something along the lines of "Omigod! Lights! I CAN SEE YOU!!" She was excited and giggled. It was hillarious) and then a sing-along version of Fidelity (She sped up the ending "And it breaks my heart" since there's like...50billion XD) and then for her finale, she pulled out Only Son and they did an au capella/beat-box version of Hotel Song. Pure Amazing. She even tried to beatbox and started doing some weird car-alarm sounds. It was SO adorable... Seriously. Nyaw~

Haha, and at one point of time, we were all screaming and this guy in the back was like "SHUT THE F*** up!!" And some uber drunk girl near me yelled back something along the lines of 'Why don't you' and finished it with a VERY loud "Thats why your in the F***ing back!!" Regina cracked up. It was so cute. She then said "You know, they say Texans are wild...*crowdcheer*...startin' brawls...gettin' drunk.....(pause) Makin babies..." Now, if you've ever heard her talk, you'd know why this was so freakishly hillarious.
We all cracked up. Amazingx5

I almost bought a T-shirt there, but I realized that if I got it off her site, I can just buy it for like..$10 less on her site. So, I'm gonna do that soonish. XD
I went home and bought all the CD's i didn't have and downloaded all kinds of Lives, so that I could get her un-recorded stuffz. Yush ^^ *arm pump*

Life is amazing.
Equals (=)

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