Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dinosaurs and Rubber Ducks

November 20, 2007

Fairly pointless "How I am now" blog:

Basically I'm content. Off-and-on sicknesses suck, though.
Jacob has been getting increasingly sicker since about 2 weeks into our relationship. Maybe I'm some kind of virus....o.o
School's going pretty well. I mean, spare the idiotic-ness of certain teachers (who do not need to be named, but are obvious to anyone who knows me...)
I'm doing well grade-wise I think ^^. Ummm
Theatre classes are spare to none...D,: The only one I have is Acting Problems
But that's okay. At least it's Flex, so I'm not going every-other-day with no cluster classes AT ALL.
That would suck...
Working on some more lyrics. I wish I had a more musical mind to put a melody to them.....T.T
Any help is always appreciated. My most recent songs are in this Blog...some aren't posted for personal reasons, others because they've yet to be translated, and others because I'm too lazy to post them :p
I'm doing pretty well in my language studies, I think.
Learning new Japanese phrases/characters pretty much every day (Thank you Zach, Kiwi and others)
I think I've gotten the hang of French
And IPA is ubereasy, and not really a language so.. :)
Only think I wish I could do, right now, is change some relationship statuses that I have.
TOTALLY lost contact with some rather close friends....I wish I could mend them...
I'm not even sure why some people are ignoring me lately.
I mean....I have an idea, but I'm not going to act on it, ya know?
This, honestly, is the most point-lacking blog I've posted.
No rhythm or rhyme....D: Who cares? :o

Just a message to broadcast to the world:
If you're having a problem with me, or have had one that you'd like to fix, please confront me. I (most likely) want to fix it too.
Just tell me, kay?

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