Saturday, November 22, 2008

A conversation I had once...

November 22, 2008


"I really hate how much our school has changed thanks to the budget and yet every time I express that, someone feels the need to call me an idiot"
"You're not an idiot, it's true. And as much as I disliked W, this new woman is changing a lot of what made our school special."
"Exactly, it sucks balls and all these people are like, 'just cos we're an arts school doesn't make us special' and that's exactly why we're special."
"Agreed. Most newniors, sophomores and freshmen can't grasp that reality, it seems"
"Even the small stuff like eating in class or having lunch anywhere in the building. People
don't seem to realize that contributed to our originality as a whole."
"Exactly. And our 'phone zones'"
"Yes! I couldn't've been the only one pissed when those disappeared. What's next? Hat day?"
"Or hallway-bound scene practicces? 'too loud' pssh"
"Or even cutting fabric in the hall. It was a bigger deal at Nolan Estes but still"
"We've much more space here, obviously. Thank the Lord some of the stronger teachers rebel by letting us eat or use our cells or listen to music during huge lulls in class"
"Yeah. But it sucks that some abide by the rules so closely, and that the rules are even there."
"Moreso that they're even there."
"Yeah. And I don't understand why people just don't get how much it sucks. It's almost opressive"
"The real irksome part is the fact that her "student-meetings" in the mornings have resulted in MORE rules while we continually protest for less"
"She only started that so she could at like we had a say. She's a bit of a dictator."
"She really is."
"She's treating us like any other school. And people say it's because of the budget. Our budget is bigger than most schools."
"Twice as much"

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