Sunday, November 30, 2008

Inferiority Complex

November 30, 2008

Sometimes, going to an Arts Magnet can really eat away at your self-esteem

And I end up hating how I am constantly being surrounded by so much talent.

Because I end up feeling inferior...
I write something with the knowledge that Maddie could have worded such-and-such much better.

I sing something knowing I could be outsung in a heartbeat by the kid who sits next to me in APUSH.

I sew something knowing that both Andi and Lakyn would subconsciously view it with slight distaste at my lack of skill.

I play something knowing Davis could kick my butt at it.

I memorize a monologue knowing that John could own me.

I dance knowing that Zaikyyah could perform with much more grace.

I photograph something knowing Zark or Hiratai could have figured out a much better angle to set off the setting sun.

But I'll keep trying...practicing...attempting
It just sucks. I feel inferior.

Meh :/


Anonymous said...


trust me, there's a billion things you can do better than others. don't sweat it.

Tsuki said...

Aw, thanks. But still. It's just one of those "poop" things :)