Saturday, February 21, 2009

I wish I wasn't a teenager.

I also wish I wasn't a girl.
And I wish that my hormones didn't hold the reigns-of-life.
I also wish that ...relationships were easy.
Easy to get into, easy to maintain...all around easy.
Alas, I am a teenager (16), I am a female (all-around) and my hormones do own me.
Relationships will never be easy, coming nor going, and I will probably never be completely content with one of these high-school docudrama relationships.
I'm glad I'm single and available, don't get me wrong, but I just can't get over feeling something is missing.
Perhaps my over-dating in the past few years has conditioned me into some Pavolovian-style need for a special someone...

The thing that gets me, though, is that I've friends who constantly comment on my dating habits. And my (in their eyes) 'perfect' dating past.
They speak as though I can get any guy or girl (whatever :/) I want, just by talking to them.
To paraphrase, "You break up with someone and, two weeks later, you've got another boy begging to be with you."
Too bad that "two-week-later" guy tends to be a nub. A nub with a lack of manners or lack of respect for women (though they claim they do. And no, Z this isn't about you. This is about any relationship I've had that I jumped into way too quickly).

I completely forgot where I was going with this blog...
I'm tired of having directionless blogs.
One day, I'll plan it out to the end, rather than just the opening.


Braden said...

Aye, it's unfortunate that relationships take so much work. And sometimes one puts a lot of work in them and they phail anyway. It's weird. It's like a system that's not a system at all. It's a game with no clear winner. Everyone's playing, and everyone somehow loses eventually. But everyone is always glad they played in the end.

It's so weird. xP

And no worries about a blog without direction. That's what they're for. :V

Tsuki said...

It really is. And I definitely understand the whole "lot of work but phail anyway" bit. Definitely.

Haha, I s'pose they are? Blogs are for venting, informing, or just talking to vast amounts of people you don't and do know, ne?