Monday, February 2, 2009

A Note to My Friends

A Letter to My Friends

I love you.
A lot.
More than I can say really.
I know I seem like such a loser sometimes, and I contradict myself on occasion.
I know that I'm complain-y and utterly weird.
And I know, in the end, you'll be there for me.
I just want to let you know, I'll be there for you too.
You've done SO much for me in just these past few months.
More than I can account for in the past few years.
I've finally found a group of people I love and don't want to lose. EVER.
I say we make a pact to keep in touch, seeing as Senior Year is approaching, and with that, graduation.
I appreciate everything you do for me, to me and at me (xD) and I love all our stupid inside-jokes.
One day, maybe, I'll be able to pay you back for the load of awesomeness you've all dumped upon me.
Thank you.
For being there.
For being you.
For loving me.
For having me.

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