Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have come to realize

That I change my appearance a lot.
It's not because I have a problem with the way I look-naturally or otherwise, but it does make me think...
How do I come off to other people?
I've come up with one of two ways I may come off as to other people:

1. "Interesting"
I've a new hairstyle every two or three weeks (which can vary from a different parting side, to a change in color to a complete new do'), yet I manage to rock each hairstyle. I also change my 'look' every couple of days that I make sure flatter my figure, so it looks like I can rock any sort of clothing 'style' as well. In a sort of self-centered way, I'm an interesting figure to follow. Like a television series, each new episode is (obviously) new and different, but equally, if not more entertaining than the last episode. Except, replace "episode" with "hair/clothing/overall style" :D

2. "Troubled"
I can never settle on one look, which may come off as a desperate attempt to find 'myself' through hairstyles and clothing. I also tend to do the more extreme versions of any 'style' (Example, I had cornrows for a few weeks; I'm white.) which can be a "cry for attention" because, you know, I'm such a tortured soul. It could also be a form of multiple personality disorder trying to unmask itself to be helped. For all I know, there's another side to me named Mindy who absolutely HATES herself and thus influences Mandi subconsciously to change something plainly visible about herself to satisfy the inner Mindy.

Who knows?
I like the first, though :)
I don't like the idea of an inner-Mindy trying to take over me XD

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