Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is more for my benefit

Than any one else's.
Not like anyone reads my blog anyways XD

Tossing ideas around for New Years comic.

Full page: Henry is center. Megan is to the left, popping some sort of new-years popper thing right in Henry's head. Genna is in the back, dressed as Picard, facepalming. I'm also in the back, with a cup of something. I'll have bubbles around my face to imitate being drunk (?) Raphy will be texting in the background as well. Helen will be hanging from something on the ceiling. "Happy New Year" is in an arch either above or below the commotion. Probably below, since Helen is on the ceiling. XD

Next comic:
Open with Henry at a computer. Next panel: Screen-shot of him on facebook. "Tsuki smith" comments something that ends/includes/is "Facepalm." Next panel: Shot of Henry at computer, Genna is now in background looking over shoulder/at door/something. Henry muses aloud "Facepalm? Is that some sort of facial cleanser?" Next panel: Genna dressed as picard facepalm-ing
End. :3

Next comic: Either Megan or myself staring blankly in the center of the page with a large window in the middle of the forehead. Random words in different colored inks are passing by the window from the inside. Caption: "What if people had windows on their heads? Would we be able to view their thoughts? Courtesy of AlignedDeb"

Note to self: Work on being consistant. :D

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