Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sort of shifting some stuff...

From my cellphone-blog to here (Rather, journal entries saved in the application "notes" I'm putting these in reverse chronological order, so scroll to the bottom of this entry to start at the beginning)

A conversation with Sara via "Notepad"
December 4 6:40 PM

-This is a good place to talk quietly, lol.
-Yay!! Okay, this so cool!!
-Lol, read my comic yet?
-Que comic?
-That's a no XD Hangon, lemme go get it.
There. Tell me what you think
-Haha!! Me likei
-Teehee, 'Tis about Monfries. I'll point his picture out when we get to the hallway laters :3
-Yeah, I have no idea who that is. So funny.
-John has an epic half-smile
-Haha, yeah.

I hate
November 12 10:30 PM

My luck. Opening night is tomorrow.
I've sprained the muscles around my
hip-joint. Life pretty much friggin' sucks.

Kou Kou
November 10 11:09 PM

Is the correct spelling. Rehearsal was
an epic fail composed of six pointless hours.

November 6 11:28 AM

Gages 4, 6
Hacky sacks thing? Music? Uhmmmm

Life is..
November 6 11:20 AM

Back on track. New hair-new outlook.
Evening of dance rehearsal tonight--I get to drum!! :D
I've finally caught myself up in school--less stress is amazing
Ready, steady never look back.
Ready, steady give me good luck.
Ready, steady, don't hold me back.
Let's get started, Ready Steady Go!!!
(dodo-doo-dodo-dododo! Dodo-doo-dodo-dododo!)

October 31 11:01 AM

Turned out fine. :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN
Guess who I am? (Hint: Why So Serious?)

October 29, 8:08 AM

Screwed up faster than I thought I would.
Proof I'm an idiot who has no clue how to make
a relationship work. One day, I'll learn to shut
my mouth. Until then, I'll just cry over the
smoldering bits of carbon that remain.

October 28 10:17

The only fitting word for what my 'friends' are dishing.
I'm having anxiety attacks left and right. I need a break.

(12 minutes, post-post)
I'm irrational
I'm emotional
I'm woman
Hate me, we can form a club
Join the fun
and loath.

A note from the failure:
October 26 10:13 PM

I must be wired incorrectly.
I don't understand my own motives nor my actions.
Shouldn't I have control?
I suppose not.
Perhaps I should resume my position in hiding.
No one will believe a thing I say anyway.

Edit: PMS is evil.

A word from Loo
October 24 10:56 AM

My weekend will rock. And today will
be swell. The weather is heavenly and
my friends are made of epic winnage.
I'm a happy kid. Being single isn't hard
at all, plus I have flirting rights.

The infinite to-do list:
October 21 5:38 PM

Current Event, 2 presidential sheets,
Actor's Notebook, Summer Essay fixes,
get self together.

Mambiri mu stafiri kunla mikaro
Sabala alimuna mikaru (x3)

Mode, Mode, mode-ala mode abule

And then I realized..
October 20 10:30 PM

Mum is unhappy. I'll chalk it up to
stress and PMS. Meh. I've school in 8
hours, so a good night's sleep is in order.

Speed Racer and the World Championship
October 19 10:37 PM

The game rules. Note to self: watch all
52 episodes in English, then in Japanese,
then buy the movie :D
I've school tomorrow. If it wasn't for
ADE, I'd ask to stay home. Darn my
actual enjoyment of school. Group
chillaxing on Saturday-another reason
to remain in top health. Won't last
long--too many sleepless nights plagued with odd, vivid dreams can cause
sickness. I pray for a chilly day. Sleep is
in order, methinks. Oyasumi.

Oh and..(added 30 minutes after last post)
I am surprised by how excited I am for
this weekend....Davis and Liz are yeses
and Zark and Maddie are maybes

A Comedy of Errors
October 18 10:32 PM

Philisophical conversations are both
rejuivinating and humbling. Especially
when they're held with someone whose
intellect surpasses your won, but is
made obvious only by her thought-out
arguments and understanding of difficult
theories. I love haging a friend who is
willing to talk stuff out when things get
bumpy. It's nice. Refreshing. I suppose
it's silly of me to wonder what makes
me remotely likeable. I really
talk funny? Nifty.

In which I express myself in a confusing manner:
October 17 10:45 PM

Tiriba tires, kuku sweats, sansa
marisan, let's circle up.
College, grow up, facepalm, shallow
middle-class white chick.
Squeak, soprano throat pangs,
Juniors only, epty room, nostalgia and
funny converstaions-He's cool.
Busses, unlucky guy, leave the driver to
rot. Lulz

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