Monday, January 19, 2009


Standing up
Standing tall
World spinning
About to fall

Construction workers
their loud clacks and clangs
their drilling and screwing
hammering and pangs
destroying the silence
creating the wall
of blue-tained glass
one thousand feet tall

Higher and highter the new building rises
Blocking the sun, erecting the towers
a lightheaded feeling
the building must know
from nothing to giant the baby must grow

Steel rods, metal hooks
glass windows, tile floors
new lighting, new wires
new paint on the wall

Standing up
standing tall
world spinning
about to fall

years later, much older
the building still stands
glass crusty
metal rusty, no mother to care

People walking
people talking
the building withstands
bums pissing
cats hissing
the building's cradling hands

Young man
life in pieces
knows the one true escape
ichi soshite
ni soshite
san soshite

Huzzah. Lyrics with no music?
I'll work on it later.

Edit: Decided that this will be a sort of half-sung rap. I'll come up with another chorus to sing...or have Niisan translate a bit to Japanese and sing that?
Yes. :D

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