Saturday, January 3, 2009


You know how, when a dream is odd enough, it just sort of sticks with you?

Last night, I had a series of dreams (per usual) with seriously odd plotlines.
One stood out.

I was with my friends in some sort of field. Perhaps at a mall courtyard or something. It was daytime, and the sun was very, very bright. (I remember this, because Eddie* made a comment about how he was being blinded). Nadine* and Marolyn* were also complaining about the heat. Anyway, Eddie and I began to play-fight in our ubergeeky way ("I have a forcefield, so your shot didn't get me!") when we got carried away and ended up in a more secluded area of the courtyard/field/whatever. I finally managed to touch the target-spot (our noses) he suddenly kissed me. Naturally, I covered my mouth and turned away really quickly and got -really- embarassed. Nadine trotted by (having seen this) and rolled her eyes, laughing. She said something along the lines of "Now that that's out of the way, let's go back" or ...something. Either way it wasn't angry, confused or anything. Just...passe. By now Eddie was laughing, but noticably embarassed. We returned to Marolyn and Aaron* (Another friend) and resumed our geek-fight.
End of dream.

*Names changed

What the heck was that about?


KingDestroyer said...

haha sounds like you need some companionship. Keep dreamin! Its fun sometimes I sleep all day because in a wierd way I can control my dreams and what happens.

Doublebanker said...

Good looking blog, looks like you've had a lot of hits!

Tsuki said...

and no comments!