Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One of those "I miss my old self, even though I hated it" posts

Because, honestly, I do.

My old self was:
Had leadership qualities
Knew what she wanted and got it no matter how
Was constantly mistaken for a Japanese girl
Wasn't double questioned about things she liked

However, my old self was horrible, selfish and lost me a lot of friends. I got too assertive, too fast. I lost respect from old aquantances and was constantly in trouble with my dad.
But for some reason....I want it back.
Not the ruthelessness, not the over assertion and definitely not the school-wide loathing, but the quirkiness and a bit of that assertion wouldn't be too bad right?

At least I -looked- cool then.
Maybe I'll change my make-up style again
and I'll dress in loud colors again
andgetmistakenforascenequeen? No.
Maybe I won't then :/

Old me:

I don't want to be the old me.
Old me was a b**** :D
I may dress normal and wear less makeup, but at least I'm nice.

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