Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sort of photo happy lately...

Sorry about that.
Usually I think blogs should be specifically text-based, but that doesn't seem to please the public XD

Well, I've finally updated A Day In The Life (you can see on my DeviantArt - I colored it, to make up for lost time....but that's really no excuse. I've got around 7 more to scan/edit/possibly color...I think I'll end up making a new blog dedicated to the comic and updates about it. What do you think?

Only downside would be the fact that users would have to scrooooolllll back to see the eldest comics once I get myself into a systematic schedule sort of thing :/
I've got to get back in the grooooove!

Anyways, here's a teaser and the direct link

1 comment:

Guidance Gate said...

Wacky comic :]

So it turns out I already have a blog here because my Google account is connected to blogger...

Nifty. I'll add you to my watchlist thingus.