Monday, June 8, 2009

I have this uncontrollable craving

For some good, steamed, sticky white rice.
So bad.
Or some Onigiri.
I've never craved something that I've considered so bland before
I think it's some sort of sign...
but what nutritional value is rice?
(Did you know: You crave what your body requires? Only when you are craving junk food are you going through something hormonal, and it is not healthy to act on that! Ex. Craving chicken might mean a lack of protein in your body!)
I guess that means I'm missing one of these things in my current diet:
Potassium, Vitamin(s) B, Thiamin or Niacin.
My guess: Potassium :O


1 comment:

Braden said...

OMG! I'm always craving rice. I think I could eat that stuff everyday. I should've been Asian because rice is really one of the only foods I can never refuse.