Saturday, June 6, 2009

I've been flooding my wall

On facebook with utterly nonsensical prattle to anyone who is not here with me now.
I'm reading a manga that I found a year or so ago (I can't afford to buy the manga often and I discovered it is online!) called Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Otherwise known as Wallflower or Perfect Girl Evolution). The translater changed out around volume 8, and this new translator makes lots of little notes on the side including translation for the sfx (the little words that are not part of diologue but are, instead an action-sound). I've discovered that I can read a good deal of the sfx without help, but the ones that I don't recognize I look at the side-note, and then figure out what each symbol stands for by double-checking in my NJStar Japanese Word Processor. (i.e. Hiya-- was double-checked because I did not remember what the symbol for "hi" looked like the symbol for pi, so I tested that out, and then I typed in 'bi' and 'hi' to figure out which one it was, as they share the base symbol). Anyway, I've been getting confused on a few including (but not limited to) the not-translated ya u n was how it was written out--big spaces between the letters--, moya meaning "don't look" and what have you.
I'm sort of proud of my sudden ability to actually recognize the hiragana and only having to 'test' my knowledge on what the characters are every few sfx's.
I'm not sure if this was a bragging post or an apologetic post, so I'll make it both.
I'm sorry that I've flooded your walls with my prattle ;)
I'm proud that I can read a little!

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